What do You like Best about 1Password?

There are so many password managers on the market. Why do you choose 1Password? Which feature attracts you? We have done a research “what do you like best about 1Password” to write this report. Below is the conclusion.

1Password is considered as an advanced and secure password manager by most users. They choose this password manager because its company has a good reputation and is reliable. The company uses multiple advanced technologies to develop the software and keeps updating the software to give users best possible experience.

Some users love 1Password because it simplifies and secures their digital life. This password manager makes it very easy to import and export data for different needs. Some users like the point that the provider offers 1Password standalone version which supports multiple options for local, cloud, or LAN sync of vaults. As users have the flexibility in where to store their vaults, they feel more comfortable and safe to use the service.

Some users like 1Password offering an encrypted vault to store all their important data. They don’t have to memorize so many passwords and carry wallet everywhere. Some users choose 1Password because it syncs data beautifully between all their devices. After they add new data to the account on one device, the new data will be available on all devices with your 1Password account. There is no need to add data to every account manually or use USB to transmit data. Besides, this password manager utilizes solid security features to let users share passwords securely with their family or team.

Some users choose 1Password as their secure data storage service and digital wallet. Users store copies of important documents for safekeeping and add personal information like shipping addresses, social security number, software license and credit card number etc. With users’ permission, 1Password can use the stored information for auto login and form-filling.

1Passoword supports auto login to prevent keyloggers, shoulder surfers and browser-based attacks. It only automatically logs you on websites where you saved them, and helps you fill personal information on legit and safe website. Also, this password manager regularly removes item details from the clipboard to prevent snoopers and clipboard tools from stealing your information. It also helps you remove sensitive information from your devices anytime you need.

Lots of users choose 1Password because of its solid security features. The provider states that security is not simply a feature. Security is their foundation. Security is the most important factor when users try to pick a password manager product. If the password manager is not secure, how can you trust it with all your important passwords and personal information? How does 1Password protect your passwords and information?

1Password uses end-to-end AES 256-bit encryption and brute-force protection with PBKDF2 to keep users’ data safe at rest and in transit. If you need to share passwords or sync data, the password manager encrypts them before they ever leave your device. The military-grade encryption stops others from accessing your data vault without permission. Only you hold the keys to decrypt it. When you create master, the password manager is strict on the strength of password and won’t let you go through if you enter weak one, keeping your account safe from data breaches.

A useful feature called Watchtower is an attractive point of 1Password. This feature will alert users to weak passwords, reused passwords and vulnerabilities. It offers to replace weak passwords with strong and unique ones. If one of your accounts has been hacked or has vulnerabilities, it sends you alert and let you take actions to avoid information and financial loss timely. If you are using the business version, it lets you create rules to allow, report, or deny sign-in attempts from certain locations and IP addresses etc. to prevent data leak. To manage the team and protect team data, you can view the recently reported, blocked, and failed sign-in attempts.

1Password supports multi-factor authentication. By allowing you to combine master password and Secret Key which is created locally on your device, it adds extra layer of protection to your account. Even though snoopers grab your master, they still can’t access your account to steal information. Besides, 1Password account uses SRP to authenticate your credentials without sending them over the Internet. That reduces the risk of your data being hacked.

So, what do you like the best about 1Password? One of the amazing features should be your answer. 1Password is available for all major operating systems, devices and browsers, so you can access and update your passwords and information on any device from anywhere. Of course, you will be able to create strong and random password quickly. If you would like to give it a try, get their free trial to get started with the service without taking a risk.

Published on December 11, 2019 Passwordmanagerreviewed.com Editor3