These Handy Password Managers, You Deserve!

Remembering a large number of account passwords has become a routine for most people, and forgetting passwords is not uncommon. Using a password manager is a great way to solve these problems.

So how do you choose the right password manager? Safety is of course the first choice. What about safety? Today to introduce a few easy to use password manager, hope to help you oh!


In the field of password manager APP, 1Password can be said to be in the leading position among similar software, regardless of its popularity, ease of use and number of users.

1Password as an old password management software, in the user’s mouth is very good. It supports Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and other systems, and user data can be synchronized across platforms and devices between mobile phones and computers. Moreover, all data are encrypted with aes-256-bit encryption with extremely high security level, and there is almost no possibility of cracking at present. However, this software is paid software, and the cost is not cheap.

1Password is more distinctive is its “one-click login” function, can help you automatically log into various websites and most of the apps, and “you only need to remember a master password” can achieve anytime, anywhere one-click login, this is where 1Password name comes from.


At present, this is the only open source password manager among the well-known password managers, and it is certified by OSI (OSI is the certification mark of open source initiative). You can have full access to its source code, you can compile it yourself, you can check for security, and you can use any other encryption algorithm if needed. Of course, open source is free. Free is a big advantage over other password managers.

While KeePass’s most intuitive advantages over other software are, of course, completely free, other more practical advantages include the ability to move away from manually entering passwords to keep accounts automatically filled; This is open source software, with many excellent third-party open source plug-in support. Even if one day the developers don’t update, there will be other developers. KeePass’s encryption methods and algorithms are at the forefront of its class, and your data is in your own hands, without having to entrust any sensitive information to third-party providers, etc.


LastPass has many advantages, including support for many platforms, from mobile to PC, and support for filling out forms and other personalized information. All platforms have good connectivity and there is no problem of data redundancy. Easy to use, easy to use, where there is a network can be accessed to use and so on.

It features a browser extension that prompts you to save your login information when you log in to any web site and automatically syncs it in the cloud. When you visit the web site, it automatically fills out the login form for you, eliminating the hassle of memorizing your account details and manually typing. But LastPass has one obvious drawback: it relies on the Internet, and can’t be used without it.

Lastpass is an excellent online password manager and page filter with powerful encryption algorithms, automatic login/cloud synchronization/cross-platform/browser plugin that supports multiple browsers. LastPass password manager, an award-winning, save your passwords.

Published on August 4, 2019 Editor