Some Password Managers for iOS

Do you want to seek for password managers that can be easily used in iOS? How many password managers support iOS platform and what are the famous available for users? How to choose a good password manager for your iOS device? Here we will list some of the password managers for you that support the iOS platform. You can learn more details about them below.

Password Managers on iOS

1. OneSafe Password Manager (Cross-Platform)

OneSafe not only stores your passwords, but also sensitive documents, credit card information, and even photos.

OneSafe can unlock both the master password and Touch ID, as well as set additional passwords for specific folders.

OneSafe also offers the browser’s auto-fill feature, so you don’t have to fill in login information every time.

The software also provides other functions, such as automatic locking, intrusion detection, self-destruction, and so on.

2. SplashID Safe Password Manager (Cross-Platform)

SplashID Safe can help you encrypt your account passwords, social security information, photos and file attachments, using a 256-bit encryption. It also provides automatic form filling.

The free version of SplashID Safe provides basic record storage, while the advanced version provides cross-device synchronization.

3. LoginBox Pro Password Manager

The LoginBox combines the password manager with the browser. When you download the LoginBox, all of your login activities, including entering information, clicking buttons, clicking options, and answering secret questions, are automatically done by the LoginBox.

For security, the LoginBox uses hardware-accelerated AES encryption and keeps the password on your local device.

Online Password Manager

Using an online password manager is probably the easiest solution, so here are a few online password managers.

1. Google Online Password Manager

Google Chrome has a built-in password management tool that stores all your passwords when you use Chrome. All of these passwords are synced with your Google account and are available on Chrome on all of your devices.

If you’re using a different browser, like Edge or Safari, you can go to and see all your passwords.

2. Clipperz Online Password Manager

Clipperz is a free, cross-platform online password manager that USES a js bookmark to log in directly, so that any js capable browser can use it.

Clipperz also offers an offline version of the manager, it allows you to download your password and put it on your usb flash drive while you’re out.

Clipperz also provides password length detection, SSL secure connections, one-time passwords, password generation, and other functions.

3. Passpack Online Password Manager

Passpack is fully functional and can create, store, manage passwords, and securely share passwords with your family and colleagues.

Your username and password are encrypted using aes-256, so even if a hacker can access PassPack’s server, they won’t be able to access your login information.

Download the PassPack toolbar and browse the web normally. Then it will fill in your password automatically.

Except for the password managers above, there still are some powerful password managers that supports iOS system, such as Dashlane, LastPass etc. And they are famous tools in the world using by lots of people. What is more, both of them offer users with free versions to test their service. You can try them for free now.

Published on September 8, 2019 Editor