Password Security Policy Recommendations to Build a Safe Password System

Are your passwords really secure? Did you ever suffer information leak or lose money due to data breach? Data beaches happen every day, and most of them are caused by weak passwords. It is very necessary to build a safe and reliable password system. How to create strong passwords as well as manage them in an effective way? We will show password security policy recommendations and tips in this article. Hope it will help you.

Create Your Own Secure, Reliable and Memorable Password System

At this Internet era, people need to register various websites, email, games, social media platforms, personal cares & services, e-commerce shopping, online banking, financial management and other accounts linked to real life/money. Your sensitive information is stored behind those accounts. It is very important to create strong passwords to secure those accounts to prevent criminals from accessing your precious information illegally. With increasing password and personal information leak, people gradually realize that the importance of password security. People meet another problem when trying to use strong passwords for their accounts. How to make strong passwords quickly? How to remember all of your passwords? According to a recent research, most users have difficulty in creating strong passwords and can’t remember their passwords either. They use easy-to-guess passwords, reuse one password for multiple accounts, and have to reset passwords many times as they forget their passwords. To resolve those issues, you need to create a secure password system that is hard to break and yet easy to manage. Let’s learn how to build your own password security system to avoid risks and troubles effectively.

Types of Passwords You should Avoid

Before we talk about secure password systems, let’s categorize the common “insecure” ones first. Firstly, you should avoid using password that includes your own name, your loved ones’ name, birthday, anniversary, phone number, ID number and other personal information. It is because criminals can collect your personal information on social media platforms, shopping sites and streaming sites etc. easily. The information can help them guess your passwords quickly. Secondly, don’t use simple passwords like “password”, “000000”, “888888”, “123456”, “qwerty”, “aaaabbbb”, “abc123” and “abcdef.” They are on the top ten passwords that have been mostly cracked. The criminals always try this kind of passwords when they are about to invade your accounts. If you use one of those passwords, your accounts are at high risk. Besides, do not use common sentences, pure letters, pure number or sequence of the characters. Pure letters or numbers increase the probability of decrypting passwords.

Thirdly, don’t use short passwords of less than 6 digits in length. Short passwords are easier to be cracked by brute force or dictionary. By using special machine, they can crack millions of accounts with simple & short passwords within few minutes. Fourthly, do not base your password on the account name or website name. For example, you use “emersoncooper” or “facebook12345” for your Facebook account. Once the criminals compromise your account, they can guess your Twitter account, PayPal account and more in the same pattern. That will be a disaster. Finally, never set all websites to the same password. For easy management, many users use duplicate passwords. In fact, duplicate password brings big potential threat. Though you create a complicate password, the rest of your accounts can be destroyed if one of your accounts is compromised. The hackers can quickly find out that the combination of accounts and passwords could be used on multiple websites. Hence, do not use simple or duplicate passwords.

Tips to Create Strong Passwords

How to create a secure password? Every time you create a new account, you may have to strain your brain to think up a complicated password while you still are not sure it is secure. We will explain how to make secure passwords. Firstly, use different type of characters to make a password. For example, you can use letters in upper and lower case and numbers. If the platform allows, use special symbols like @, #, $, %, and ^ etc. in your password. The more types of characters you use, the more combinations the hackers need to try if they try to crack your passwords. With all types of characters, your password can be safe. Secondly, set the password length to 8 digits or more. When the length of your password is proper, it can takes years for hackers to crack. Thirdly, make sure the passwords have no obvious rules or sequence. Place letters, numbers and symbols in random order, so the criminals will never guess. For example, you can set your password as $aMeRcy94gHwz!On#. It contains more than letters + numbers + symbols. There is no obvious pattern of composition. It is only a bunch of weird strings that is meaningless to others. You can create similar passwords to secure your accounts.

For easy remembering, you are suggested to base on a song title, lyrics, famous sentences, word initials. For example, you can take “MhWgO” from the song title “My Heart will Go On.” After that, you can change case or add Numbers and symbols. Secondly, reverse or transform the order of sentences. For example, reverse “howmayIhelpyou?” to “?uoyplehIyamwoh” and add special symbols to create a solid password. Thirdly, insert a number or symbol into a password in a regular pattern. For example, insert “9-3>58” to “imagination”. It can be “9i-m8a>t5io8n.” It’s random for others while you can the special pattern within it. Don’t tell anyone your personal password generating rules. Finally, combine all the above methods and use your imagination to create solid yet easy to remember passwords.

At the same time, we suggest you turn on multi-factor authentication or use dynamic password. When you turn on multi-factor authentication, you are required to provide the correct mobile phone verification code or other forms of verification information to log in after you enter the correct username and password. Even if the hackers are trying to steal your password, they will not be able to access your mobile phone’s verification code to successfully log into your account. Therefore, if there is a multi-factor verification feature, remember to turn it on. When you set security questions, you are suggested to use wrong answers. It is because hackers can collect the answers on your social media account or other platforms easily if you use the exact answers.

Another Effective Password Management Solution

Using strong and unique passwords with your own pattern enables you to secure your accounts and manage passwords conveniently. However, many users feel that it is unrealistic to set a different password for each website and account, which would greatly increase the burden of memory. Some users use notes or notebooks to keep track of their passwords from one website to another. Some even leave passwords on their desk for convenient access. Others can view your passwords intentionally or unintentionally. If you store it in the drawer at office or home, the thief can grab your passwords easily. Some users use clear text such as TXT, doc, XLS or other note-taking software to record passwords. Snoopers and hackers can steal the text as well. To relief your burden, you can use a reliable password manager. A password manager helps you remember logins of websites and apps, supports account password automatic filling and one-click login, creates reliable passwords, syncs your passwords across multiple devices, uses the most advanced encryption to protect your passwords, updates your existing passwords and pay attention to data breaches for you. You only need to install a reliable password manager on your device and create an account with a strong master password, and the password manager will take care of the rest. Dashlane and LastPass are recommended because of their solid features and high reputation among Internet users.

Best Password Managers

Dashlane is a powerful and innovative password manager, providing reliable management solution. It helps you manage your passwords and store your personal information securely. This password manager allows you to import passwords from famous browsers and other competitors, so you won’t need to add passwords manually. You are able to add secure notes to store personal information and make subsequent online shopping effortless. It supports auto logins and form filling, making it safe and easy to log on to all your favorite websites and apps. Only you have the master password. That means only you can access your data vault. Likewise, the company uses AES 256-bit encryption to encrypt your data. It creates strong passwords for you with one click and syncs data across different devices. You can access your data vault from any network-connected device next to you. Its password changer is unique which helps you update all your weak passwords with one click. Dashlane supports all major systems & platforms, and is available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. The clients are very easy to use and their price is reasonable.

LastPass is a powerful, cross-platform and easy-to-use password management tool. It stores your passwords and personal information in a cloud-based password library with advanced encryption standard. Whenever you need a password, its password generator creates it for within one second. It also features a browser extension that prompts you to save your login information when you log in to any web site and automatically syncs it in the cloud. When you visit the web site, it automatically fills out the login form for you, eliminating the hassle of memorizing your account details and manually typing. LastPass password manager supports all five major browsers (IE, Chrome, FireFox, Opera, Safari) and works across Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. It not only securely manages and syncs passwords, but also helps you quickly fill out login forms. Premium users, who pay $1 a month, can also use their password library for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, blackberry and other mobile versions.


By creating your own password pattern and using special strategies, you can create a secure, reliable and easy-to-manage password security system. In reality, most users have problems in managing passwords. Managing a bunch of passwords take too much time and energy. Luckily, you won’t need to create, remember or enter passwords yourself with a reliable password manager. It can not only greatly reduce the pressure on your password memory, but also protect your password from theft to a large extent. Your personal information can be stored in the encrypted data vault for convenient and secure online activities. It creates powerful passwords and updates your olds passwords. At the same time, it can help you quickly search and use your password for one-click login without thinking, letting you surf the Internet every day more easily. Password managers can greatly facilitate your Internet life. From now on, you can say goodbye to the tedious input of user name and password every time.

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