Password Managers in Common Use

The Internet has been completely integrated into our daily life, an ordinary person will come into contact with the Internet every day, the login password of various network services and software is very important for each of us, if the password is stolen, the consequences can be imagined. The article “personal password security policy” describes in detail how web users should use and configure their personal passwords. For different types of sites, users should use different user names and different passwords, if the number of users visit the site is very large, need to remember the password will reach dozens or even hundreds, how to remember and manage dozens of different passwords, will use password manager.

Password manager is specially used for the management of account password security management application software, help users remember the web page and application login window account password, support account password automatic filling and one key login, to avoid the user memory of numerous passwords and manual input account password tedious.

Online Password Management Service

Online password manager is to put the password in the cloud (server side), which solves the security problem of the local computer, and password protection becomes the protection for the password server.

The most famous password management service in the cloud is LastPass, which supports mainstream browsers such as Chrome, FireFox and Internet explorer, as well as mobile devices such as iPhone, Android and blackberry, and supports Google Authenticator, which supports importing the existing account and password in the browser into the LastPass database.

When you log in, LastPass’s browser plug-in automatically fills in the information you need to log in and automatically logs in, making it easy to log in with different user names for the same site.

LastPass on compatibility, ease of use, and security are all very good, and to provide the free version, the only question is how safe LastPass website itself, as a cloud online password management service, LastPass password stored in the Internet, password protection into LastPass password protection, if there are holes LastPass website, or the user of the LastPass password breach, LastPass password protection will be failure, the user still may lose all of the text passwords.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended for users to bind the Google Authenticator to Lastpass. After binding, even if the user’s Lastpass password is stolen, the hacker cannot log in to the Lastpass website without the user’s phone and secure mailbox.

Open Source Password Management Software

While online password management may seem cool, many people still prefer to keep their passwords locally. There are some commonly used password management software, the most famous of which is KeePass, an open-source password protection software.

KeePass uses local database to manage the password, and the software uses 256-bit AES algorithm to encrypt the password database, which is difficult to crack theoretically. Thus, even if the computer is lost or the password database is stolen due to hacker invasion, it is difficult for the hacker to decrypt the plaintext account password information.

KeePass is open source software, green without installation, support a lot of functions, including import and export, third-party plug-ins and Chinese interface and so on, through ChromeIPass and KeePassHttp two plug-ins, you can achieve the Chrome browser to fill in KeePass database password function.


For the management of a large number of account passwords, a password management software is definitely needed. From the perspective of cross-platform and ease of use, LastPass is a professional account password management software, which is simple to use, convenient and safe, and has great usability and practicability compared with other software. KeePass is very powerful for local password management, but relatively poor in ease of use, and the browser’s own password retention is good in ease of use but poor in security. So pick up the one that is fit for you.

Published on September 26, 2019 Editor