How to Migrate Data from Lastpass to 1Password?

Hi everyone! My annual license with LastPass recently expired, and so I am considering using this opportunity to change from LastPass to 1Password. But I don’t really know how to migrate data from LastPass to 1Password. Any help please?

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Password Managers in Common Use

The Internet has been completely integrated into our daily life, an ordinary person will come into contact with the Internet every day, the login password of various network services and software is very important for each of us, if the password is stolen, the consequences can be imagined. The article “personal password security policy” describes in detail how web users should use and configure their personal passwords. For different types of sites, users should use different user names and different passwords, if the number of users visit the site is very large, need to remember the password will reach dozens or even hundreds, how to remember and manage dozens of different passwords, will use password manager.

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How does Password Manager Protect Your Passwords & Personal Information?

As users are about to store very sensitive data on password manager, it is important to learn if it is safe to use password manager. How does password manager protect your data? Let’s discuss the questions in this article.
Password manager lets you secure your account with a strong and long master password. Your master never is sent to the password manager provider. Only you can access your account with the master passwords. Keep your master password safe, and don’t share it with people you don’t trust. If you forget the master password, there is no way to recover the password to access the account.

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What is 1Password?

Developed by AgileBits Inc, 1Password is one of the most popular password managers out there. It serves as the best solution helping people keep track of a large number of passwords and account information and remember them, while also ensuring the safety for their digital life. 1Password is available on all the major platforms, including Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, and Chrome OS. This means that you can use it on your smartphone, as well as on your desktop or laptop computer. Impressive features for this password manager include the Watchtower, which identifies weak, duplicate, and expiring password, Password Generator that allows you to easily create and save strong, unique passwords for new sites, apps and services, and many more. It is considered to be the most secure and private password manager on the market.

How to Fill Web Forms Quickly & Safely?

How do you guys fill web forms effectively? At this Internet age, people can conduct lots of online activities, and may frequently enter repetitive information about themselves into forms. For example, they need to provide personal information to check out purchase on an online store, sign up for online service, or apply for a job on the Internet. Employees may need to deal with a bunch of forms every day. Manually typing tedious information every time is a time-consuming thing. If you type the wrong letter or number, you have to go through the process again. Is there a way to save time in typing personal information to finish registration? Yes. There is always a way to finish your job effectively.

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Why You Should Never Reuse Your Password?

What is Password Reuse?

When it comes to the password behaviors of computer users, password reuse is surely one of the worst security practices. Password reuse means the person uses the same password for more than one website, and even for everything including social media, email, online banking and others. Yes, with so many accounts to keep track of, it is tempting to reuse the same password on multiple logins because we can hardly remember dozens of passwords. According to a study, more than a half people understand the risks of using the same passwords across multiple accounts, but they still did so anyway. However, the fact is the longer you use the same username and password for everything, the more chances you are giving those who want to steal it. If you are one of those who still reuse password for different services, please break the bad habit from now on. I’ll tell you why you should never reuse your password here.

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Bitwarden – Free Password Manager

Bitwarden is an open source password manager. Bitwarden is easy to use and holds all your login usernames and passwords securely, synchronizing them across multiple devices. It supports for the Web, Chrome, and soon Firefox, Opera, and Edge browsers.

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How to Sync Passwords across Multiple Devices?

To deal with personal and business stuff separately, you now may switch from one device to another. How do you store your passwords on different device? Do you store personal passwords on one device and keep business information on another? Can’t access your business information because you left that device at home? You should sync passwords and other information across multiple devices, so you can access them from anywhere.

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How to Prevent Yourself from Password Cracking?

Nowadays, data breaches seem to dominate the headlines almost every other week. Although data breaches are something out of your control, you still can do better to lock the front door to your personal information and digital life. Here are some practical steps you can take to prevent yourself from password cracking and keep your information more secure:

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Some Password Managers for iOS

Do you want to seek for password managers that can be easily used in iOS? How many password managers support iOS platform and what are the famous available for users? How to choose a good password manager for your iOS device? Here we will list some of the password managers for you that support the iOS platform. You can learn more details about them below.

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