What Password Manager Do You Recommend?

Password manager, as the name suggests, is a tool to manage passwords. On the Internet, security has always been a topic of great concern to everyone. So the first element of password manager is its security, followed by convenience and good experience. Therefore, a good password manager should make it easy for you to use all kinds of complex passwords without worrying about all kinds of security risks.
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What You Can Benefit from Using a Password Manager?

Password Manager is a tool to store passwords, files, documents and other personal data. Nowadays, we rely more on the network and have many different accounts. And various accounts have different passwords. It is hard for many people to remember all different passwords for different accounts by head. Especially when people create the complicated and long passwords for different password, they can’t clearly remember the correct passwords for different accounts. So, some people create the same even simple passwords for different accounts, which is a big risk to account security actually. Hackers can use their ways to guess your passwords. If they figure out one password of your account, they may use to it to try other accounts to check if you use the same password for other accounts. Therefore, if you use the same and simple passwords for different accounts. It is easy for cyber hackers and other identity theft to break your accounts with same passwords and access all your accounts. Cyber hacker and identity theft mainly want to steal internet users’ personal data for profitable sales. Therefore, it is important to use a strong and reliable password manager to keep all your different passwords.

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1Password – Best Password Manager For 2019

Today, most people have a long list of accounts online, from social media to shopping. It’s simply not safe to use the same password for different account logins, and keeping track of multiple passwords can be a nightmare. How to reduce the risk of being affected by a breach and make remebering password easier? Get a password manager now! A password manager makes you less vulnerable online by helping you avoid password reuse, and strengthening password security. If you are ready to use a password manager to safely store your account information and keep it private, then go with 1Password.

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How to Create Solid Passwords to Safeguard Your Account?

Data breaches happen every day. People lose money and business for unexpected attacks. According to reliable report, most data breaches are caused by weak and reused passwords. The hackers do not guess your passwords one by one. In fact, they use a program that automatically runs through massive databases of common passwords or random combinations of characters. In this way, they can crack lots of accounts every day.

It is common that people have problem in creating and managing a dozen of passwords. Simple passwords are easy to keep track of while they can be easily guessed by hackers as well. To create complicated passwords, you have strain your brain to think for a long time. Besides, it is not easy to memorize different passwords for all accounts. If you reuse a powerful password for multiple accounts, the entire accounts will be exposed if one of them is attacked. Let’s learn how to create strong passwords to make your accounts unbreakable.

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What’s the Best Password Manager for Mac?

What’s the best password manager for Mac? Many Mac users usually may ask such a question in order to look for their best password manager to work on Mac device. what’s a Password Manager? Password managers are now used by more and more internet users all around the world. Netizens usually have tons of passwords, logins, account numbers, and other personal data to remember. But it is difficult for people to remember all different passwords, logins, account numbers and various data by head, especially when the passwords are complex and long. Some people who do not use a password manager usually may create simple even the same passwords for different accounts. However, this is a risk and danger to personal data security. Cyber hackers online nowadays can figure out different methods and solutions to crack internet user’s passwords. If you use the same passwords for different accounts, it will be easy for cyber hackers to guess one password and then know others. The best way is to design different and complex passwords for different accounts. In this case, it is strongly suggested to use a password manager which not only can help remember and store all your different passwords and other personal information, but also generate strong, unique and complex password and automatically help you keep the newest generating passwords into vault.

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Keeper – Best Password Manager & Digital Vault

Keeper is a leading secure password management solution for businesses and individuals that utilizes world-class security to safeguard user’s sensitive documents, personal information and private logins from hackers and cyber criminals. It offers a wide range of supported devices and browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari and Microsoft Edge. That means you can generate strong passwords, autofill passwords across your apps and sites, and organize passwords on all platforms and devices just with a few clicks. The service protects your confidential files, photos, and videos in a secure encrypted vault. With Keeper’s Cloud Security Vault and military-grade encryption, you can securely store, manage and share your digital assets.

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How to Manage Passwords With Dashlane?

Do you have problem in creating strong passwords? Can’t remember passwords of various accounts? In this Internet age, people need to create lots of accounts to access online content, work or make transaction in daily life. However, most users forget their passwords after the first using. How to fix this issue? In fact, you don’t have to do the tough job. A reliable password manager will help you create and remember strong passwords of all account. Let’s learn how to secure your accounts with strong powerful passwords with Dashlane.

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Why You Need A Password Manager?

With the constant security breaches in the headlines, most of people have already realized that having stong passwords is very essential for protecting their identity, and ensuring their data stays out of the hands of the bad guys. However, even if they know how to make strong passwords, it’s really a pain to keep track of all the passwords. Even though our brains aren’t actually that bad at remembering passwords, it’s almost impossible to remember dozens of unique passwords. Some people may use the same password for all of their online accounts, apps and services, but it is an exceptionally bad security practice, because if a hacker gets hold of one password, he can try the password on the other accounts, thus compromising the security. Some people may prefer using an easy-to-remember password, like their name or their birthday in case they forget them one day, while some will save all of their passwords by writing them on a paper or saving in a document. Neither way is secure. They both pose a very high risk of being affected by a breach or simply losing the information. To prevent yourself from password leak or identify theft, you really need to have a unique password for every account and Web site in case a hacker gets hold of one of them. How to do that? All you need to have is a password manager.

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RoboForm – Strong and Secure Password Manager

RoboForm provides password manager service for personal and business. Millions of people are using RoboForm Password Manager service. Their users range from personal users and small companies, government, agencies, organizations and large corporations. RoboForm Password Manager is a powerful and strong password manager to help users to store all different complex passwords and other personal information with strong encryption bit. RoboForm uses the best-in-class AES-256 encryption to encrypt and protect user’s passwords and personal data. AES-256 is a military grade encryption method and usually used to encrypt data and files in a secure place.

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LastPass – The World’s Leading Password Manager

LastPass is a well-known password manager in the world. It is rated to be the No.1 most preferred password manager. LastPass provides the best-in-class security, keeps your passwords, logins, and other personal information private, safe and anonymous. LastPass provides password management for both personal, companies and corporations. They give the powerful password manager with such excellent features as password manager, password generator, username generator and LastPass Authenticator. Password Manager is used to store passwords, logins, and other information, so the password manager should have the high level of security for user’s things. LastPass is equipped with strong encryption to safeguard user’s data, which is the world’s leading technology in security. LastPass utilizes the strongest and most advanced encryption method AES-256 bit with PBKDF2 SHA-256. 256-bit is the length of the encryption which is the longest algorithms. It is difficult to be decrypted even not the fastest computers in the world. 256-bit encryption is generally used to store and keep important data, information, files and documents in a secure place. So, LastPass password manager with this 256-bit encryption has a strong ability to protect and encrypt all passwords, logins, and other personal information securely. No one can access your stored things.

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