LogmeOnce Review 2019 – Worth A Try?

Finding it hard to keep track of your passwords for multiple account? Still use the same passwords for everything in case you forget the password? Now it’s time to let LogmeOnce change your digital life. Password manager has become an essential part of life and it’s a convenient and secure way to remember all our passwords. LogmeOnce, as one of the best free password managers in the industry, provides you the safest method to help you remember your password and login details while also protecting your personal information from hackers or third parties. How does LogmeOnce work? Is it safe? In this in-depth LogmeOnce review, you will know everything about this password security solution, including its features, price, security, pros & cons and more. Let’s see whether LogmeOnce can beat its competitors.

What’s LogmeOnce?

LogmeOnce is the most reliable password manager that uses military-grade end-to-end encryption systems to store and protect your passwords while also helping you create extremely strong, unique, random passwords for each site or app you use, as well as stores your payment information to simplify your online shopping. Unlike most other password managers, LogmeOnce has a passwordless solution. This leading password management tool is empowered by PhotoLogin, and its Passwordless Authentication feature can create a multi-layered fence around your digital property, whether it’s stored in your computer or your smartphone. So, whatever account you need to access, you can simply snap a photo of yourself, confirm your identity, and log in. The passwordless authentication makes your password logins faster and more effective with great fun.

With LogmeOnce, you no longer have to recall passwords for your accounts and you don’t need to worry about losing your password again. LogmeOnce helps you keep track of hundreds of your passwords without the need of remembering them. The only password that you’ll have to remember is the master password so that you can log in to LogmeOnce password manager. This is definitely a helpful tool for people who still struggle to remember multiple passwords, and often find themselves requesting reminders to log into their favorite site. In addition to managing your passwords, LogmeOnce also secures your passwords, notes, documents and sensitive digital assets with military-grade AES-256 encryption technology, which is the strongest encryption available for password management software. It also allows you to enable Two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security for your digital information. Besides, LogmeOnce can generate strong passwords and alert you of any potential breaches. And a full set of features which better protect your personal data and strengthen your passwords are given to you, such as Emergency Access, SHOCK, Mugshot and more. Thanks to these features, LogmeOnce is capable of sending warning messages to unauthorized devices that attempt to access your LogMeOnce account, and even taking a picture of a thief if your device is stolen. While LogmeOnce provides an increased level of security, it remains easy-to-use features that not only protect you from hackers who are looking to profit from your personal information, but also make you sign in to your various accounts quicker and easier.

As data breaches are still on the rise, the best way to manage and secure your password is to use a password manager. LogmeOnce offers all the major features that you would expect from a decent password manager including two-factor authentication, autofill, password generator, anti-theft, mugshot and more. Use LogmeOnce to stop getting locked out of your online accounts or struggling with frustrating password resets now!

Why Use LogmeOnce? How Does it Work?

With all the hackers and security breaches that are constantly in the headlines, people come to realize that it’s important to have strong and different passwords on every site because the longer and more complex your password is, the longer it takes for hackers to unscramble your password. Weak password always puts your accounts at risk of fraud or your data at risk of being used by someone else for identity theft. But even if we know how to make strong passwords, it’s a pain to keep track of them all between every bank account, retailer and app demanding its own unique log-in. So, is there a tool can help you store and remember your passwords while also keeping your credentials secure and preventing sensitive information from being leaked?

Yes. LogmeOnce, as one the best free password managers, can totally help you with that. It doesn’t just store and remember your passwords, it also can generate strong and unique passwords when you sign up to new websites. You just need to create a master password that’s meant to be the only password you have to remember going forward, then LogmeOnce does everything else for you. It stores credential pairs when you enter them into websites, so you never need to manually enter them again, saving you a lot of time while also strengthening your security and minimizing your risk. In addition, LogmeOnce can store your personal data, not just login credentials. It keeps things like credit card numbers and insurance information, PDFs or photos and even tax forms or your driver’s license with AES 256-bit encryption. And with multi-factor authentication, users can build multi layers of security to enhance and secure any access to their data. Don’t reuse your passwords anymore. That’s just asking for trouble. Get LogmeOnce for free to improve your online security now!

Pricing Plans:

LogMeOnce offers three consumer plans and two business plans. Here are the details:

  • For Customer:

LogMeOnce offers 3 pricing plans: Free (Premium), $1/month (Professional), and $3.25/month (Ultimate). The free plan covers all the basic features and comes with multi-device sync and unlimited password storage. However, it comes with limited feature. For example, it comes with encrypted file storage, but only 1MB of it. So, the Professional Plan, which is priced at $1.00/mo and comes with added features like the in-application productivity dock and account backup is recommended. Of course, you also can upgrade to the Ultimate Plan which includes the anti-theft feature and more comprehensive data tracking features. The storage limit is raised to 10GB, you can share as many entries as you want and you can schedule future logins. The price for the Ultimate Plan is $3.25/month and it is the best value plan. LogMeOnce provides no hassle 30-days money-back guarantee.

  • For Business:

LogMeOnce also offers an identity management application for businesses. There are Business Plan & Enterprise Plan for you to choose from. The Business Plan ($2.00/user/mo) allows minimum 3 users. It contains all major features such as a password manager, mobile security management, single sign-on (SSO) and Identity Management (IdM). The Enterprise Plan ($4.00/user/mo) allows minimum 10 users. Compared to the Business Plan, it adds more features, including Directory Integration, Risk-Based Authentication, Auto Password Changer, Mugshot feature and so on. With LogmeOnce, you can securely give the right individuals (employees, customers & partners) the right access (to apps, devices and critical business information) at the right time.

LogmeOnce Impressive Features:

  • Photo Login

There are four authentication options offered by LogmeOnce – PhotoLogin, fingerprint, PIN code, or password. Traditional passwords are risky, typically weak and are more susceptible to be hacked or duplicated. LogMeOnce’s patented PhotoLogin technology makes auto-login simpler and safer. Users gain access to their account with PhotoLogin by taking a photo on their desktop and approving (or rejecting) the photo on a chosen trusted mobile device, rather than typing passwords. So, whatever account you want to access, you can simply snap a photo of yourself, confirm your identity, and log in. As only a part of LogMeOnce multi-factor protection suite, PhotoLogin takes passwordless authentication to a whole different level by making it fast and effective, but also easy and fun. Say goodbye to passwords with LogMeOnce PasswordLess Authentication!

  • Password Shock

Password Shock is a unique feature that allows you to fight back with hackers who are trying to access your account and steal your personal information. If an intruder tries to target your LogMeOnce account, it will send warning messages to unauthorized devices that attempt to access your LogMeOnce account. There are nine messages you can display and, by default, they increase in scare factor the more attempts there are. Give unauthorized intruders a shock, so they won’t bother you again. Let intruders run away and never touch your account again!

  • LogmeOnce Mugshot

LogmeOnce Mugshot is like an alarm system for your digital property as it is able to track the location of someone trying to gain access to your account without permission, even taking a photograph of the intruder. It helps catch your potential identity thief in the act. Generally, it tracks unsuccessful log in attempts on your account, then takes a photo of the “hacker,” logs their IP address, GPS location, and adds a timestamp before emailing all of this over to you without the intruder knowing. Mugshot truly is the best solution for preventing unauthorized access. Find out who is trying to break into your LogmeOnce account!

  • Emergency Access with Photo

Have you ever needed someone to access one of your accounts but you weren’t there to give them the login and password? This happens to all of us, whether it’s in the work place or with friends and family. The Emergency feature in LogmeOnce lets you manage these urgent situations while giving you control over all your data. It allows you to select a trusted contact to securely obtain access to your LogMeOnce Data in the event of death, incapacitation, or simply as a method of account recovery in up to 24 hours. You can see and verify the person’s photo, GPS location, and metadata before granting access.

  • Automatic Password Changer

How long will it take if you change all your passwords for every website to make them secure? Now stop spending your time on this boring tasks. LogmeOnce’s Password Changer lets you replace old passwords with strong new ones with only one click. It saves users the 283 minutes (on average) it would take them to manually change 100 passwords.

  • Secure Wallet

LogMeOnce Digital wallet is password protected requiring double-authentication to gain access to credit cards and other payment methods. It grants you a convenient means for tracking and making purchases at various online retailers. You may securely save and store everything including your logins, credit card information, sticky notes, passport, driver’s license or ID, insurance card and even member or loyalty cards. It’s safe, secure, effective and easy to use.

Pros & Cons:


The LogMeOnce Password Manager offers many advanced security and encryption features like Password-less photo login, mugshot, password shock, emergency access with photo, device management and anti-theft that are worth the investment. Whenever you log in websites or Apps, it automatically starts capturing and storing the credentials so you don’t have to remember various passwords from multiple websites. You also can get all your stored passwords imported from other Password managers like Lastpass and Dashlane. LogmeOnce provides various 2-factor authentication combinations from Email, SMS, and Call to its users where adding the Email based notification being free of cost. Also, it provides a feature for sharing the passwords with some other user as well, and it is up to you if you want the other user to view your actual password or not.


While it is a highly-rated and secure password manager, LogMeOnce also has a few disadvantages. Many of its customers report that it is complicated due to the wide variety of features, and most of good features come with an additional cost. Another thing they don’t like is the LogmeOnce interface. Most users prefer a clean, professional and straightforward user interface to manage their personal information rather than an interface with multi-colored and cartoon animations.


LogmeOnce Password Manager is one of the best and unique password management platforms around. The tool is available on every device so you can take it with you everywhere around the world. With 4 integrated layers of protection and leading encryption algorithms, LogmeOnce is safer than everything you ever used until now. It uses two-factor authentication and secure file storage to keep your information protected and offers a photo-verification login option in addition to the standard master password. With LogmeOnce, you never have to worry again about somebody cracking your login information or having to remember all sorts of different long passwords. LogmeOnce is more than a password manager. It is also a secure wallet that stores your notes and other important information. Despite LogMeOnce’s interface may not be appealing to all, LogMeOnce Password Manager still makes accessing your accounts incredibly easier and safer than before. It is worth a try. Say goodbye to password anxiety with LogMeOnce now!

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