Is Dashlane Safe to Use?

In recent years, more and more people use password manager to protect their important passwords and information. With more websites and platforms to use, users have a bunch of accounts and passwords to remember. They have difficulties in creating strong passwords for different accounts and remembering all of them. At this time, password manager comes to help. Password manager is an application which offers to manage passwords for users. It creates an encrypted data vault to let users store important data including passwords and personal information.

However, some users still hesitate and wonder if password manager is safe to use. After all, they will store precious passwords and personal information on password manager. Is password manager safe to use? We will take Dashlane as example to find the answer.

Dashlane is one of the advanced password managers on the market. A large number of users choose it for personal and business purposes. This password manager earned a US Patent for their security architecture. To safeguard users’ precious information, the provider uses AES-256 encryption and implements it in an incredibly stringent and unique way.

When you create Dashlane account, it requires you to create a strong master password which is the key to your account. The master password only exists in your mind and never is sent to Dashlane. You are the only person who can unblock your data vault.

Dashlane uses military-grade encryption to encrypt passwords and personal information you store on it. Your data is converted to a scrambled code and remains safely indecipherable. Only when you provide master password can you decrypt them. Even when Dashlane servers have been hacked, your data remains securely encrypted. It is important to create a complex and unique master password. Never share it with anyone else.

For security, Dashlane keep each of their user’s accounts separate, as in decentralized, to stop a breach at the point of entry. Each user’s account is secured by their own master password and doubled protected by the providers’ encryption and other security technologies. They all are encrypted on Dashlane’s servers, and their security system works independently as well. If one account has been compromised, others stay safe.

Dashlane uses its own servers and has zero-knowledge system. As it does not rely on the third party, it can ensure the security of their servers and privacy of users’ data. For extra layer of protection, it supports multi-factor authentication. When you try to access your account on a new device, it requires a unique code to authorize access. You can use mobile authenticator apps and devices, including Google Authenticator and U2F YubiKeys for authentication. Besides, Dashlane allows you to manage and share passwords and similar sets of credentials with users tied to your company securely.

Is password manager safe to use? It depends on which password manager you use. If you use Dashlane and other advanced password managers, your data are highly protected. If you need password manager to store very important passwords and confidential information, we don’t suggest you use a free one. A reliable and solid password manager is necessary. You get what you pay for. Never put your precious data at risk.

Published on December 4, 2019 Editor3