Is 1Password Really Safe?

Why 1Password? What is 1Password? Is 1Password really safe? “The NSA has been exploiting Heartbleed for years”, reported by Bloomberg. The Canadian Treasury has announced that 900 taxpayers’ personal information was stolen from government systems as a result of Heartbleed. Canadian taxpayers became Heartbleed’s first victim. That’s why I started using 1Password.

What is 1Password?

1Password is a cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad) password management application from Canadian developer Agilebits, and even a majority of information management applications, which has been well known in the industry for a long time. 1Password wasn’t affected by Heartbleed because it uses advanced encryption standard 256-bit encryption instead of OpenSSL. The Agilebits official blog has some advice for dealing with Heartbleed. On April 16, they also introduced 1Password Watchtower, a tool that helps identify Heartbleed vulnerable sites and advise users to change their passwords. In addition, their official website and blog also have a lot about 1Password and password, privacy protection methods and description.

Why 1Password?

Before answering this question, here are a few principles for password protection:

1. Avoid using the same set of passwords in multiple situations.
2. Change your password frequently.
3. Avoid repeated use of the same set of passwords, and avoid the use of new passwords that have been used before.
4. Avoid predictable words or Numbers, such as repeating words, pinyin abbreviations of searchable words, id Numbers, driver’s license Numbers, birthdays, anniversaries, names of friends or pets, personal preferences, etc.
5. It is better to create random passwords to reduce the chance of guessing correctly. Password number at least 12 digits. (many domestic services or websites support up to 16, most foreign support 32 or more).
6. It is best to include Numbers, symbols and letters in your password. If case recognition is supported, use both cases.

Make sure that passwords are not repeated everywhere and that they are not confused, change them frequently, and there are a number of cavorts, it makes users feel mad. Faced with such a professional technical work, not everyone is cryptography major graduated? Not everyone has that much time to change passwords, right?

Life is good, but life is limited. It’s always good to spend your time and energy on good things and people. And security password what, I am afraid it is difficult to be remembered as a beautiful thing. So why bother with? That’s the value of 1Password, which, like its name, can be safely and effortlessly managed with just “one password.”

Is 1Password Really Safe?

Since 1Password holds almost all personal information, if it is not secure, it is not “a careless loss”?

First, as mentioned at the beginning of this article, because 1Passwowrd adopts AES(advanced encryption standard) 256-bit encryption, the encryption standard itself is highly secure.

Second, all personal information is guarded by and only by one Master Password, which can’t be opened by anyone but the person who set it, including app developers. So make sure the password is secure enough to remember.

Finally, 1Password stores all of its data locally, and its cloud synchronization data is encrypted and then synchronized. If anything happens to iCloud or Dropbox, the data is encrypted as described above and can only be opened with a Master Password, which has the air of a plane’s black box. This is the official Agilebits description of 1Password security in the past.

Published on September 30, 2019 Editor