How to Protect Your Accounts from Data Breaches?

Data breach happens every day. Millions of accounts can be compromised during a data breach. Recently, Facebook leak contained phone numbers for 419 million users. Cosmetic Giant Yves Rocher was hit by data leak exposing 2.5 million customers. XKCD forum data breach impacted 562,000 subscribers. One million cracked Poshmark accounts have been sold online. Hostinger disclosed a data breach that affects 14 million customers. The database of a hotel, credit card company, video sharing site and social media platform etc. can be attacked. Any Internet user can become a victim.

What cause the data breaches? Of course, the biggest reason is the hackers are trying to steal data and money from innocent users. How can hackers crack so many accounts and steal data each day? According to a reliable research, most data breaches have been caused by weak and reused passwords. Hackers can use special machine to guess and crack millions of accounts within few minutes. You may put your accounts at risk due to your bad habits.

What kinds of passwords are weak? The worst passwords are “123456”, “password”, “123456789”, “12345678”, “12345”, “111111”, “1234567”, “sunshine”, “qwerty”, “iloveyou”, “princess”, “football”, “monkey”, “donald”, “password1” and “qwerty123” etc. Many users use this kind of passwords in order to remember them easily. However, you should note that those easily guessable passwords make it easy to for hackers to access your accounts. It is easy to remember and easy to guess as well. Besides, hackers have special machine to crack passwords quickly. Therefore, it is very important to use strong passwords to protect your account against data breaches.

How to protect your account from data breach? Use solid passwords to secure your account and do not reuse passwords on multiple platforms. How to create strong passwords as well as remember all of them? In fact, it is tough job for users to create and memorize a bunch of complicated strings. To make it easier, you can use a reliable password manager like Dashlane to create and remember passwords for you. It has a built-in password generator which creates password in a random combination of numbers, symbols, and mixed-case letters for you whenever you need.

How to memorize those random passwords? The password manager offers to store all your passwords in an encrypted data vault which is locked by a master password, and you are the only person who has that password. It uses AES-256 encryption to safeguard your database and supports two-factor authentication for extra layer of protection. You are allowed to import passwords from browsers and add passwords manually. It marks your weak and reused passwords, and helps you update them as well. All of your passwords are unique and hard-to-crack.

Some password manager packages come with dark web monitoring, credit monitoring and identity theft insurance to keep your accounts and information from data breaches. Once it detects suspicious activities related to your profile, it sends you alerts, and you will be able to take action and stop loss timely. Most password managers let you log in your favorite website automatically without entering credentials manually. That prevents keylogger from collecting your passwords when you type. The hackers won’t have the chance to access your account or steal your information. When you share passwords with friends via the Internet or sync passwords across different devices, the password manager protects your contents with AES-256 encryption. Criminals won’t be able to intercept your passwords. No matter when your passwords stay on your local drive, are sent to servers or stored on cloud, they are always encrypted.

How to secure your accounts and stay away from data breaches? Use a reliable password manager. It ensures all your passwords are strong and protected. By monitoring for suspicious activities, it informs you of cyberattacks and enables you to avoid loss timely. It uses high encryption standard and supports auto login & form-filling to protect your sensitive data. You will stay away from data breach with a reliable password manager. Password manager not only helps you manage passwords, but also helps you store personal information and works as digital wallet as well. Get Dashlane and try it. It is free to download.

Published on September 5, 2019 Editor3