How to Manage Your Passwords?

How to Manage Your Passwords? A few days ago, a piece of news titled “suspected leakage of user data of 12G” made people start to worry about the security of their accounts. Although it encrypts users’ passwords, if your password is too simple, it is easy for people with ulterior motives to break your password in a very short time. More serious is, now many people accustomed to a password take the world, which undoubtedly brought great security risks to their account security. However, if the excessive pursuit of password complexity, will inevitably bring inevitable trouble. Therefore, how to ensure the complexity of passwords while reducing the trouble of typing and memorizing has become a necessity for many people. Hence, password management software came into being. You know how to manager your passwords til now, but choose a good password manager is very important.

How to Easily Manage Your Passwords?

There is a wide variety of password managers available, such as Dashlane, LastPass, 1Password, Sticky Password, KeePass, and more. In my opinion, these password management software are basically the same, the difference is the user experience. When I first came across the software, 1Password and LastPass were both paid, or at least had to pay across platforms. I chose Dashlane, mainly because it’s free. However, as the first two apps have become free recently, I’ve tried to move on to them as well.


Lastpass is an excellent online password manager and page filter with powerful encryption algorithms, automatic login/cloud synchronization/cross-platform/support for multiple browsers. LastPass has long been one of 1Password’s biggest competitors. It has been named the “no. 1Password management tool” by a famous review site. As another major password management tool, LastPass not only covers Windows, Mac and Linux, but also covers iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, symbian and other mainstream and non-mainstream mobile platforms. Through automatic cloud synchronization, LastPass allows users to automatically fill in passwords, take security notes and share passwords with friends at any time and anywhere, regardless of the number of devices. Compared with 1password, the cost of the software is quite reasonable. Using LastPass in the desktop browser is completely free and suitable for ordinary users.


1Password is the best application for managing website logins and sensitive information. It has a friendly user interface and can be used on any device at any time, including laptops, mobile phones and even the Apple Watch. When you use apple’s Safari and Google browsers like Chrome, 1Password will generate a secure password that you can fill in to the site to log in. 1Password is a cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad) password management app from Canadian developer agilebits. 1Password uses 256 bit AES (advanced encryption standard) encryption. The password management software has a high level of security and ease of use, and costs a lot, but it’s worth it.


Dashlane is a system security software for mobile platform. It is a highly secure and innovative product, mainly used for the shopping platform of personal data auxiliary processing, password management and click payment throughout the network. Dashlane gives users a quick way to create a master password and import other account information, making it easy to shop later — and save time by typing shopping once. In addition, Dashlane is able to recommend cost-effective products that users might like, based on their usage habits, based on websites they visit frequently. Two important features of Dashlane are following:

1. Master password AES256 encryption is supported. Your password will not be stored in the cloud, but will be stored locally. Dashlane also alerts you if there are dangerous vulnerabilities in the sites you visit.

2. You can use Dashlane to store your software serial Numbers, WIFI passwords, etc., and manage your private personal notes, all of which are encrypted with aes-256. You can completely rest assured in terms of security.

Published on July 28, 2019 Editor