How to Keep Track of Your Passwords effectively?

At this digital age, Internet plays a very important role in people’s life. People can conduct many activities online and access lots of resources on the Internet. Therefore, they have to create a bunch of accounts on the websites and platforms they use. With more and more websites they use, they have more passwords to remember. Actually, recording password has been a common issue. Many users can’t remember the password they created. Some users even forget they create an account on one platform and register again. Is there a way to keep track of passwords effectively?

Do you write down passwords on paper? If you have 100 passwords, you need to write all of them down manually. It takes some time to record them manually. Besides, you need to carry the paper everywhere if you would like to access your password anytime. If someone has your password paper, all of your passwords will be exposed immediately. That is a huge risk.

Do you store passwords on browsers? Many browsers offer to store your passwords, and it is convenient to use passwords on browsers. If you use multiple passwords, you need to bookmark pages and add passwords to all of your browsers respectively. Another problem is the browsers do not offer protection to your passwords. If you store your BBS password, Facebook password or YouTube password, it may not be an issue. If you store important passwords like bank card password and mailbox password, others can make use of them to steal your money to use your email to do illegal things once they have access to your browsers.

Are you looking for a secure and effective way to keep track of your passwords? Password manager is the tool you need. It offers a secure vault to store all of your passwords in one place. The password manager software can be installed on different devices, and you can sync data across multiple devices for quick access to your passwords from anywhere. It also lets you share passwords with your partners safely. Simply install a password manager on your device. You will be able to keep track of your password effectively and won’t any single password.

Is it safe to use password manager? Yes. Leading password managers uses military-grade encryption to protect your data vault. Others won’t be able to view your passwords without the long and complicated encryption key. Your password manager account is secured a master password which only exists in your mind, and even the password manager provider has no knowledge of it. You are the only person who can unblock your account. Many products support multi-factor authentication for extra layer of protection. It requires another security code after you enter the master password. Your passwords are safe with reliable password manager.

In addition to keep track of passwords for you, password manager helps you create strong passwords, strengthen existing passwords, log in your favorite sites automatically and fill web forms with one click. When you create new account, you can use password generator to create a strong one for. If you use weak passwords or reuse password on multiple platforms, hackers can crack your passwords easily and sell your accounts & passwords on black market. It is true that they can use advanced tricks to crack users’ passwords to generate great value. Luckily, password manager creates hard-to-crack and unique passwords, as well as record all of them for you.

Password managers let you import passwords from browser and certain form of document, so you won’t need to add passwords to the vault manually. Your passwords will be listed clearly and marked with scores. You will know which password is strong, weak or reused. Some password managers offer to update your existing passwords with one click, so all of your passwords will be strong and unique. Besides, password managers enable users to log in websites automatically. You are allowed to add personal information to the vault and use it as a digital wallet. With your personal information, password manager can fill web form for you automatically. You can check out online quickly and safely. That is a big time saver.

How to keep track of passwords effectively? Pick a reliable password manager to do the job for you. It records all of your passwords and keeps them safe in an encrypted vault, simplifying your digital life. Dashlane, LastPass and Intuitive Password are recommended because of their high reputation and solid features.

Published on August 21, 2019 Editor3