How Long Does It Take to Crack Your Password?

How long does it take to crack your password? It depends. The time is depended on your password strength and the tool you use to crack it. Are your passwords safe?

You know what? Hackers can use GPU to brute force passwords within few seconds. The Radeon HD 5770 can perform 3.3 billion operations per second. It is able to crack a five-digit password in one second. “fjR8n “. If using four HD 5970s, the speed of the crack will come to 33.1 billion times per second while the CPU people usually use is only about 9.8 million times per second, and it takes 24 seconds of computing time.

It takes CPU 90 minutes to crack the six-digit password “pYDbL6” while it only takes four seconds for GPU to crack it. The CPU needs four days and the GPU needs only 17 minutes and 30 seconds to crack the seven-digit password “fh0GH5h”. If it is eight or nine More than the number of bits, random mixed case password, the GPU needs to count for 48 days, and the CPU needs to count for 43 years.

In fact, the rules of GPU and the dictionary files are quite positive. Since they are all plain text files, people can expand them. Theoretically, effective expansion helps people crack more passwords. Due to the implementation of these technologies, some tools of the same type will inevitably be released one by one in the future. Therefore, it is very important to create strong passwords.

In the past, it is almost impossible to crack the password within a short time as long as the length of password reached or exceeded 8 digits, is not too regular, or vocabulary, and does not mean anything. However, with the development of GPGPU, using GPUs with hundreds of thousands of cores and parallel computing, people can use consumer-grade display adapters to do things that even supercomputers could not do.

In general, most websites we use have prevention and control mechanisms. For example, it only responds once within one second. Even if your GPU actually has tens of billions of operations per second, it will not play. It seems like you guessed a hundred answers within one second. At the same time, I will only tell you that in the 100 answers, the third one is wrong, and I don’t tell if other 99 answers are right or wrong. It is pretty difficult to tell the answers.

If the site is not protected, you can also use a password management tool such as LastPass on the browser, and generate a regular password randomly. And, all of your passwords will be managed by LastPass. For other programs like shared compressed files, passwords may not be limited by the response. For such private files, you can also use the tool that creates Salt to generate a value like SHA1 or MD5, so that the system has another verification program. In this case, the cracking of passwords will become more difficult in theory.

Besides, passwords can be extracted from wherever they are stored. For example, you may store passwords for autocomplete forms on Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox and other web browsers. Please note those stored passwords are loosely protected and can be extracted in a blink of an eye. You are suggested to use password manager to store your passwords and fill web forms for you. Your passwords will be stored in one data vault which is protected by military-grade encryption. It requires master password to unblock your account. If you forget the master password, you fail to access your account because you are the only person who has the master password.

To create a hard-to-crack password, you need to combine all types of characters and set a proper length. Does it take a long time to come up with a complicated password? In fact, you can use password generator which is built in password manager software to create secure and unique password with one click. Some products even allow you to create a dozen of passwords at the same time. Commonly, the password generator lets you decide the types of characters and length of password. The password will be random and secure. It can take years to crack. You also can use the password changer to update your old passwords properly to avoid any data breach.

How to remember a dozen of random and long passwords? There is no need to remember any of them. Password manager stores all of your passwords in one data vault and uses military-grade encryption to secure them. You can access the data vault and view your passwords anytime. You only need to remember a master password to access your account. There are more features you can get from an advanced password manager. Install one on your device and you will know how useful it is.

Which password manager do you use? Many users can’t decide which product is right for them. We recommend Dashlane and LastPass because they come with impressive features and advanced security technologies. Aren’t sure your passwords are safe? Use a password manager to secure and simplify your digital life.

Published on August 2, 2019 Editor3