How does Password Manager Simplify Digital Life?

According to our research, most users have difficulty in managing their passwords and dealing with digital information. Most of them forget and reset passwords frequently. Some of them suffer data breaches due to using simple passwords. Many of them fail to keep record of their passwords and access their accounts on different devices. Some users get confused by multiple accounts and different profiles at home and office. People feel overwhelming to manage a bunch of passwords and personal information. A reliable password manager will help you simplify your digital life.

Why don’t we just use simple passwords, so we can remember all of them easily? It is true that simple passwords like “123456”, “password”, “qwerty” and “abcdef” etc. are easy to remember. However, you should notice that those passwords will secure your email accounts, social media accounts, streaming accounts, credit card accounts and other digital financial accounts. The criminals can guess this kind of passwords to steal your sensitive information and money easily. Most data breaches have been caused by weak passwords. Strong passwords are required to protect your accounts from hackers.

How do you know your passwords are strong or not? Does it take too long to think of a strong password? Would like to use one password for all accounts to ensure you won’t forget any of them? We all know that long and complicated passwords are strong, but how to create and remember a number of complex passwords? Do you have to strain your brain to create strong passwords and recite them? No. You can use a password manager to do all the jobs for you.

How does password manager work and simplify your digital life? Password manager has built-in password generator which creates strong passwords for you anytime you need. The password generator combines all types of symbols, including upper & lower letters, digits and special symbols, to create a random password that can’t be cracked. Simply navigate to the password generator and click generate button, and you will get a strong and random password within few seconds. The password manager also offers to update your old passwords to ensure your entire accounts stay safe all the time. It saves your time in creating a complicated password and ensures it is secure as well.

Password manager stores your passwords in one place and allows you to access them anytime, so you won’t forget your passwords again. You are allowed to import your passwords from browsers and certain form of texts. When you import passwords from browser, it brings usernames, URLs and website titles etc. It lets you add passwords manually as well. Your passwords will be listed in the vault. When you click the item with URL, it takes you to related website and logs you in automatically. When you use new logins, the password manager captures them and adds them to the vault. It replays them automatically next time you revisit the same websites. Advanced password managers uses military-grade encryption to safeguard users’ data vault. To access your account, you need to enter your master password which only exists in your mind.

Password manager lets you store personal information and supports auto form-filling, allowing you to access needed information quickly and finish your job effectively. You may need to provide personal information like driver license, software licenses, ID numbers, home & office address, poste code, social security number and credit card number etc. to sign up a service, apply for something or deal with other stuff in daily life. Do you carry your wallet with various kinds of IDs, a file of license and more everywhere? In fact, you can store your personal information to password manager’s data vault and access them anytime you need. Besides, it can help you fill web forms to register a website and check out quickly. It matches your profile on legit websites with your permission, helping you save precious time on typing the same information again and again.

Password manager lets you back up, sync, and share passwords easily and safely. You are able to create a copy of your passwords in case you lose access to your account due to some reasons. Most password managers work with all popular systems and platforms, and allow you to sync passwords and information across multiple devices. In this way, you can access your passwords and use your information on any network-connected device. Some password managers offer to let you share passwords and information with your family and friends via secure connection without worrying about cyberattack or information leak. If needed, you can create emergency contact, granting your loved one access to your account in case you get stuck in a serious situation.

How does password manager simplify your digital life? It creates secure & unique passwords for all your accounts. It remembers a bunch of complicated passwords for you, and use advanced security technology to protect them. It generates strong and unique passwords for you with one click. It offers to update your weak passwords quickly. It captures and replays your logins automatically on your favorite websites. It lets you create secure notes for your personal information, and helps you fill web forms with one click, saving your precious time. It enables you to sync passwords across different systems and manage passwords on all of your devices. It helps you share passwords and sensitive information securely. The master password will be the only password you need to keep in mind. All your passwords are safe. There is no need to recite a bunch of passwords. You won’t forget any single password. Dashlane and LastPass are recommended because of their reliable and solid features. Get one to simplify your digital life now.

Published on August 28, 2019 Editor3