How does 1Password Work?

Do you use 1Password? How good is it? How does it work? 1Password is a secure and reliable password manager for macOS, iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, Chrome OS and Command Line. It is an advanced yet simple to use tool. 1Password helps you manage and protect your accounts, passwords, private information by using strong military-grade AES-256 encryption standard.

Nowadays, people have lots of accounts on different platforms. To protect their private information and data, they have to create strong passwords to secure the accounts. However, it is difficult to remember a bunch of passwords. Some of you may create simple passwords like “123456”, “qwerty” and “password” etc. to ensure you won’t forget them. Some of you may create one complicated password and reuse it on all platforms. In fact, it is not safe to use simple passwords and reuse one password. It is because simple passwords can be cracked easily. If you use one password for all accounts, the rest of accounts will be comprised if one of them has been hacked. Can’t create and remember complicated passwords? You should try 1Password.

1password let you imports passwords from browsers. Why should you use 1Password instead of using browser to store passwords? It is convenient to store passwords on your favorite browsers. However, snoopers and hackers can steal your passwords easily. To protect your passwords, 1Password creates an encrypted vault to keep all your passwords safe. Like other password manager, it requires you to create a strong master password to secure the account. Whenever you need your passwords, simply log in your account on any network-connected device. There is no need to remember all of your passwords or carry your password notebook everywhere.

Don’t feel like to spend lots of time to create so many unique passwords? 1Password’s built-in password generator will help you create powerful password with one click. It uses cryptographically secure number generation, randomness, uniformity and other ingredients to enable to create hard-to-crack password. Also, it allows you to adjust settings to meet specific password requirements for certain websites. With solid and random passwords, your accounts will be protected from hack or data breach.

What else you can do with 1Password? 1Password allows you to create security note, add personal information, and store copies of important documents for safekeeping. For example, you can add email address, shipping address, poste code, credit card number, software license and other information to the vault. When you need to fill form to sign up a service or make payment online, 1Password offers to fill personal information for you with your permission. You can avoid typing mistakes and save time in typing the same information again and again.

Besides, 1Password sync passwords across different platforms and keep the data vault update to date between devices. That means you can access all your passwords from any device with 1Password app or browser extension. This password manager alerts you to password breaches and other security problems, so you can stop them and avoid data and money loss. It enables you to remove information from your devices when you cross borders to protect privacy. With the password manager, you are able to share passwords securely with your family or team. 1Password comes with a a very intuitive and easy user interface. It is very easy to use.

In a word, 1Password simplifies and secure your digital life. It helps you create, remember, manage passwords, store & fill personal information, and share passwords securely. Would like to know more about the password manager? Use and feel it yourself. It is free to try.

Published on November 22, 2019 Editor3