Dashlane VS Sticky Password – Which One is Better?

More and more users pay close attention to their account security as data breaches happen frequently on famous platforms. The hackers spare no effort to crack innocent users’ account and steal data & information for illegal money. If you use simple passwords, your accounts may be at high risk. It is necessary to use strong and long passwords to keep account credentials safe. However, managing a list of passwords without forgetting any of them is a tough job. You need a reliable password manager to relieve the burden of thinking up and memorizing unique, complex logins. You can find lots of password managers on the market. However, finding the one that fulfills your needs is not an easy job. Most password managers come in the same shapes and forms. You can’t tell them apart from the appearance. It is important to know their very core and learn their features. A number of readers requested a comparison between Dashlane and Sticky Password to help them make a right decision. We will discuss the features of the two password managers to show you reference. Hope it will help.

Why Password Manager

Why is password manager an important tool nowadays? You may hear of various kinds of data breaches every day. It is reported that most data breaches had been caused by weak passwords. When you use simple passwords, you can remember all of them easily. However, the hackers can guess and crack them quickly to access your accounts as well. When you use the same password for all accounts, your account and data also are at high risk. If a criminal cracks one of your accounts, the rest of your accounts and data from banking information to social media profiles can be compromised at a time. That will be a huge loss. You are suggested to use strong and unique passwords for your accounts. A strong password is supposed to contain a bundle of letters, numbers and special characters that has the capability to stop brute-force attack. However, remembering a unique password for each of your online accounts is nearly impossible.
Can’t remember your passwords? Refuse to spend your precious time on creating and remembering complicated passwords? Are you looking for an effective way to manage your passwords? Password managers are the perfect pick for users to manage their passwords. They create solid passwords, store them in one place in an encrypted form and allow users to access them anytime. The data vault will be locked by a master password and secured by advanced security technologies. In addition, many password managers support multi-factor authentication. They demand another security code after you enter master password for more layers of protection. Make sure the service you choose is compatible with your operating system. Simply install a password manager app, and you will get rid of the hassle of memorizing passwords.

How does Password Manager Work?
Password manager is a helpful tool for any Internet user who regularly logs into online accounts or mobile apps every day. How does it work to help? After you select one between Dashlane and Sticky Password, sign up a plan and install the client on your device. You will be required to create a master password to create and set up your account. When it’s done, the password manager lets you import your existing passwords from browsers or other products. After that, you can create or edit an entry to add your personal information that can be used for auto login and form-filler. After you store all passwords and information, it helps you update old passwords, create reliable passwords, capture & replay new logins, share passwords safely, fill web form with one click and sync data across your devices for instant access. The master password will be the only password you need to keep in mind.

How to Create Strong Master Passwords?
The master password is very important because it is the key to your account. Reliable password managers like Dashlane and Sticky Password have zero knowledge of the master password that unlocks your data vault. It is important to ensure that this password is strong and does not fall into bad guys’ hands. How to create a strong master password? You are suggested to use at least 12 characters. The longer the password is, the securer it is. It is supposed to include uppercase & lowercase letters, numbers and special symbols, making it difficult for both human and machine to guess. You are not suggested to base your passwords on your profiles. If you base it on your personal information like your name, marriage anniversary, birth date and kids’ addresses or name etc., the criminals can collect this kind of information on the Internet easily to crack your account. Besides, avoid common phrases and obvious substitutes by using the numeral zero for the letter o. If you have no time to think of a complicate password, navigate to password manager’s official website to use their free password generator to create a random one. If you create the password yourself, it will be easier to memorize.

Dashlane VS Sticky Password

When selecting a password manager, you need to consider the password generation, autofill and auto-login, secure sharing, two-factor authentication, protection for other personal data, syncing features, compatible devices & platforms and prices. Can’t decide between Dashlane and Sticky Password? They both are great password managers. Dashlane features secure password sharing, ease of use, patented data encryption in the cloud and unique solutions like the Password Changer. On other side, Sticky Password offers various online and offline data syncing options, integrates 16 different browsers across multiple systems and utilizes military-grade encryption to encrypt your data no matter it is stored on a device or in the cloud. Learn the two products in detail to help you make the decision.

Dashlane is a simple, straightforward and logical password manager which is one of the most popular products around the world. It is very easy to get started with Dashlane. After you sign up a plan, download and install the client on your device. Once you create and set up your account with a master password, it pops up to ask if you would like to import your existing passwords. After you give it permission, it automatically imports passwords from browsers, saving your time in adding them manually. It identifies and marks your weak and reused passwords in Security Dashboard. There is an auto password manager which helps you update and strengthen old passwords. With one click, all your passwords will be strong and unique. It has a smart password generator which allows you to set guidelines to control the length and types of characters of the password it creates. By default, it creates a password with all types of characters in a length of 16, making it impossible to guess.
Dashlane has dark web monitoring and scans the web for leaked or stolen personal data, so it is able to alert you immediately if your personal information is found on suspicious websites. That enables you to change password or take other action timely to stop information and financial loss. You are allowed to use the Secure Notes & Documents to store your personal data and attachments. They will be encrypted by the most advanced encryption standard. After you import password and add personal data, Dashlane will proceed with automatic logins and autofill. That helps you prevent keylogger as well as typing error. On legit and secure website, it offers to fill all major fields to finish tedious web forms with few clicks. That is a big time saving. This password manager allows you to set an emergency contact. In case of an urgent and critical matter, you can grant your partners or friends to temporarily access your important accounts. Dashlane has great user interface, and users can use it easily without any problem. VPN is an extra feature comes along with Dashlane premium package. It protects users’ privacy, secure connection to the Internet and unblocks geo-restricted contents.
There are free and premium versions. The free version allows you to store 50 passwords and works on only one device. The premium version cost $4.99 USD per month. It allows unlimited passwords on unlimited devices, plus Dark Web Monitoring, secure VPN and more necessary features. To answer users’ questions and fix issues timely, the provider offers live chat during business hours and around-the-clock email support.

Sticky Password
Sticky Password is a famous service that shares the same necessary features and owns its features. The most attractive point of this service is it provides three sync method options. Users can choose synchronization through their cloud servers or manual offline sync. The provider offers superfast and versatile cloud sync, so you can expect great experience. The local Wi-Fi sync is a great advantage of this service. It enables you to sync your devices directly with other users when they are on the same Wi-Fi network. In this way, your data will never actually leave your device or be sent to the cloud. That is great for security and privacy. Regardless of your passwords are stored on local device, cloud or being sent to cloud, they are always encrypted with the military‑grade AES‑256 encryption. The hackers don’t have a chance to view or steal them.
Sticky Password is a portable password manager. This feature defeats many competitors on the market. It lets you store and carry your data vault on a USB stick everywhere, so you will be able to access your passwords & information on any PC anytime. The USB-based tool also can be used to log in to your stored websites. This password manager supports 2‑step verification. It allows biometric authentication via fingerprint to make it secure yet easy to authenticate login on your iOS and Android devices. This password manager is easy to use. It works on all major systems and platforms, so you will be able to manage passwords on all desktops and mobile devices as well as handle login credentials imported from 16 different browsers.
Sticky Password offers solid product at affordable price. There is a free version that allows you try the service for free. If you want full features, you can sign up one year with $29.99 USD or pay $149.99 USD for a lifetime account. With the lifetime account, you won’t bother renewing plan again. Yet it is cheap. The provider kindly send a portion of the profits from the sale of their premium license to a fund devoted to protecting endangered manatees. That is a generous action. If you need assistance in using the service, the company provides support via ticket system. It may take some times to get a respond.

Conclusion (Dashlane VS Sticky Password Comparison)

Password manager is an important tool which takes the strain off you by managing and securing your passwords. Luckily, it is not difficult or expensive to acquire. The important thing is you need to pick a right product for your need. If you are not tech-savvy sort, looking for the best password manager for your need is like finding a needle in a haystack. Don’t worry. Our team has tried and will keep trying more password managers to help you find the exact one you need easily. The suitable password manager helps in your everyday routine by generating, managing and storing all of your passwords for you. Dashlane and Sticky Password both store unlimited passwords, create long, random & unique passwords, analyze existing passwords for security and help you change them, assist you to fill out tedious online forms, allow syncs across multiple devices, and have browser extensions and app versions for devices. Dashlane has more impressive features including dark website monitoring, password changer and VPN. Sticky Password has advantage in pricing. Since the two password managers offer free versions, is it necessary to sign up a paid membership? In fact, it is worth to invest a password manager because the premium versions come with better features and multiple layers of protection. Despite the number of features, you can choose any one of them based on your personal preference. They are both reliable and secure.

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