Dashlane VS RoboForm: How Do You Choose?

Password managers are widely used by Internet users. When you search, you will notice that there are lots of different products. You may be confused when trying to select a suitable one. As the password manager will take care of your important data like passwords and personal information, it is necessary to pick a reliable and advanced one. Some users can’t make decision between Dashlane and RoboForm. Hence, we will discuss the two products with main features to help you make the right decision.

Dashlane or RoboForm?

Dashlane and RoboForm are both popular password managers. They help users manage passwords, store personal information, create passwords & usernames, fill web forms and perform more activities. How do you choose between the two products? We will learn their features respectively.

Dashlane Review

Dashlane is one of the top password managers. It comes with US Patent for its security architecture, and essential and advanced password management features. Its users are able to manage unlimited passwords on unlimited devices. Users can generate unique passwords and change dozens of passwords with one click. Dashlane allows users to store online shopping receipts, addresses, software license, passport, credit cards, social security and more important information. Users will be able to use the stored information for daily and work use. Besides, the stored information can be used for auto-fill forms and quick & secure signing across multiple platforms. Also, Dashlane scans Dark Web for compromised accounts and sends instant security alerts to users. This password manager also includes a simple built-in VPN which allows you use the Internet anonymously and securely without geo-restriction. This password manager won award in the Mobile Sites/Apps Services & Utilities category as well. It has been widely considered as a reliable and useful tool. There is a free version which allows users to try their service without spending a penny.

RoboForm Review

RoboForm is a popular password manager which includes useful features. The provider offers a free version to let users try their service as well. It lets users import and store unlimited logins, and provide secure access to password vault from everywhere. There is a Security Center which identifies weak and duplicate passwords. You need to change the passwords one by one yourself. RoboForm offers to store personal information as well. It uses AES-256 and PBKDF2 SHA256 to encrypt and protect users’ data vault. This password manager supports two-factor authentication for extra layer of protection. Users can use Windows Biometric Framework, Apple Touch ID and Face ID for secure login. It also allows automatic bookmark-style logins. Besides, this password manager includes digital inheritance and secure sharing. Some users are not satisfied with service because it allows limited import capability and has confusing user interface. RoboForm supports all major systems and browsers, and users can sync passwords and information across different platforms.

Conclusion: there are more features that we didn’t list. We only discuss the major features for comparison. Dashlane comes with more advanced features, and it is one of the leading password managers. RoboForm includes all basic features and its prices are cheaper. It costs $1.99 USD per month, and Dashlane is $3.33 USD per month. If you only need basic features, RoboForm is an option. If you are looking for more solid features, you can invest Dashlane. If you especially need the advanced features like automatic password changing, Dark Web scanning and VPN protection, you will find out that it is worth every penny you spend on it. You can compare the features and think what you need to make a wise decision. Hope our information will help you.

Published on November 27, 2019 Passwordmanagerreviewed.com Editor3