Dashlane Review 2019: Powerful Tools & Easy to Use?

Have too many passwords to remember and get confused between different accounts? Do you forget passwords of important accounts? Have to reset passwords frequently? It must cost you some money on resetting various kinds of passwords. How to create complicated passwords as well as remember them clearly? You should try a password manager. Can’t decide which product you should choose? Our experts have tested a large number of password managers and done research on the market to find out the best password managers for you. Dashlane is one of the most popular and useful password managers. Learn about the product in detail in this Dashlane review.

Brief Information of Dashlane Password Manager

Dashlane is an advanced and reliable password manager that is created to improve productivity and security for all Internet users. It provides users a simpler and safer life online. In those days, most data breaches have been caused by weak and reused passwords. As there are more and more passwords to remember, come users choose to use simple passwords that include their name, birth date, phone number or other personal information. Some users just set “12345678”, “abcdef”, “qwerty” or “password” as their password. This kind of passwords is truly easy to remember while they are easy for hacker to crack as well. By using a special machine, hackers can crack millions of this kind of passwords within few minutes. When we all know complicated passwords are necessary, how do we remember dozens of complicated passwords? It is pretty difficult for a user to remember a bunch of complicated passwords. In fact, there is no need to spend so much time and energy on managing passwords. Dashlane can do the job for you and simplify your digital life.

Dashlane helps you create strong and unique password for every account, and store them in an encrypted data vault. It can update your weak passwords with one click and make all of your passwords strong. You will be able to access your passwords and keep them safe all the time. It comes with advanced password management feature and brings big convenience to users online activities. It supports automatic complex password generation, advanced password changer, automatic fulfilling of username and password text boxes on websites and more. You not only can add password in your account, but also can store important personal information. It supports storage for personal info, credit cards, PayPal accounts, IDs, notes and receipts etc. With the stored information, it can help you fill personal data in web forms. Dashlane uses bank-level encryption technologies and supports multi-factor authentications to prevent unauthorized access. The password manager client is very easy to install and set up. Beginners can get started with the service without any problem. The price is reasonable, and there is a money back guarantee that allows you to use the service without taking a risk.

How much does Dashlane Cost?

Dashlane is a cost-effective product. It won’t break your bank to use an advanced password manager. For personal use, there are premium and premium plus packages to choose. The premium package is the most popular one. It costs $4.99 USD per month. This package allows unlimited password storage, password syncing, instant autofill, Dark Web Monitoring, secure storage for sensitive files and VPN etc. The premium plus package includes all features that the premium one has. More extra features including real-time credit monitoring, identity restoration support, up to $1 million in Identity Theft Insurance coverage and more come with Dashlane premium plus package. The premium plus package costs $9.99 USD per month. The business package is $4.00 USD per user/month. It includes all basic features of the personal premium plan, and VPN is excluded. With business package, you will have smart Spaces for work and personal data, admin Console for user and policy management, secure password sharing with groups, seamless provisioning and deployment, added security with 2FA integration and Customer Success Manager for over 50 users. Please note you can get extra discount by using Dashlane coupon code provided on this page. From this Dashlane review, you can learn that Dashlane is worth buying as it is powerful and easy to use.

It offers free version with limited features. You can use it to create and store passwords, and it has limit on how may passwords you can store. It only allows you to use it on one device. The premium features include syncing passwords and data across as many devices as you own, backing up your account, unlimited password sharing, priority support, two-factor authentication, VPN, Dark Web Monitoring and more. It lets you syncs passwords and other important data across different devices. In addition, Dashlane has a 30-day money-back guarantee on the premium version. If you are not happy with the service, you can request a refund within 30 days of the purchase.

Secure Passwords Data Vault

Once you create and set up your account, Dashlane lets you import your existing passwords & accounts on different platforms. It lets you import passwords you stored in browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. Why don’t we just store passwords in browsers? We still can use passwords conveniently on browser, but it is not secure. Your passwords can be hacked by malware or stolen by snoopers. Dashlane uses bank-grade encryption and multiple security technologies to safeguard your login detail. You can passwords in a generic CSV format as well. If you used other brand of password manager, it lets you import data exported by LastPass, RoboForm, and several other competitors. By default, it displays your imported password alphabetically. You also can use different categories to organize them. Click Tool tab and find “add password categories” option to set it up.

In data vault, DashLane gives percentage health score to your passwords, marked as Compromised, Reused, and Weak passwords. You will know how strong or weak your passwords are, and the password manager offers to update your existing passwords instantly. It lets you add, update and remove passwords from the data vault anytime easily. You are suggested to type key words in the search box to locate related passwords quickly. When you type, it shows a list of found items that match your need. When you give it permission to scan your inbox, it can scan through your inbox seeking email messages with online accounts. It will give you a list of the founded accounts. If you created social accounts or online shopping accounts with that email address, you can find them with this feature of Dashlane.

There are Secure Notes where you can save critical pieces of text. In the data vault, you can add personal data for form fillings and separately store credit cards & different kinds of IDs. It has templates for items of software licenses, Wi-Fi passwords and membership details. The new version of Dashlane allows you to add file attachments to Dashlane’s Secure Notes section as well. It lets you edit secure notes on client as well as browser extensions on Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. You won’t need to carry a notebook with all your important personal data anywhere for daily or business use. The password manager is able to help you auto log in websites and fill web forms with the stored information with your permission on secure websites. From the data vault, you are able to view and manage your saved passwords, check your security score, and add or view secure notes on multiple devices & platforms.

Reliable Password Generator

Do you have to spend some time to come up with a complicated password every time you create an account? In fact, there is no need to spend your precious time to strain your brain so as to create long passwords. Dashlane has smart password generator which can help you create reliable and unique password for every account. When it helps you generate password, it requires at least eight characters, including at least one digit, one lowercase letter, and one uppercase letter. You are allowed to set the generated password length and choose from four character sets, digits, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and symbols.

You are suggested to create long and random passwords. Don’t worry that you can’t remember them because Dashlane will memorize them for you. Any time you click in a password field to create a new account or change an old password, Dashlane pops up an offer to generate a secure password for you. Just tell the password manager to do it. Besides, Dashlane is featured its advanced password changer. At password data vault, you can see you weak and reused passwords. Find the weak password and click the Replace now button. It will let you log in related website to change the password, and Dashlane will create and save a new, strong password for you. Besides, there is an auto-replace button next to weak passwords. Click on the button, and the automatic Password Changer will finish the job for you. It lets you change hundreds of passwords with a single click.

Secure Password Sharing

Do you usually share passwords directly to your friends? Please note that your passwords may be at risk when send them to your friends without protection. The hackers can intercept your session and steal your sensitive information for illegal money. Luckily, Dashlane offers secure way to share passwords via the Internet. When you need to share password with partners, navigate to the data vault and find the item you need. Click the menu icon next to it and select Share option. You need to provide the recipient’s email address to share. The password manager lets you specify how much access you would like to offer. You can give the recipient full rights. And you also can set limit access, the recipient can view the password, but they can’t edit, or share it. It lets you revoke the access when you think something goes wrong. When you send out the share request, the recipient will get notifications in email and Dashlane’s Sharing Center. It does not require the recipient to install Dashlane, but the recipient need to set up a free account to access the password that you share. Others won’t be able to view or steal your password when you use Dashlane to share it online.

Auto Login & Form Filling

In addition to unlimited password storage, Dashlane offers encrypted data vault to let you store a wide variety of personal data, names, email addresses, bank accounts, PayPal account, shipping address, company name, passports, driver’s licenses, and other IDs. When you need to deal with business on the way, you may have to dig up your bag to find license or personal information while you happen to leave them at home. With Dashlane, you can access your personal information anytime and anywhere on your mobile device or desktop. This password manager can handle payment information separately, and you will be able to select from multiple entries for every field. When you open the website you frequently visit, it lets you auto log in. When you need to fill web form to finish payment, join a forum or sign up a subscription. It saves your precious time on typing the same information over and over again. Auto form-filling also lets you avoid typing mistakes. Dashlane is able to recognize legit websites and won’t match your profile on malicious website. In addition, it is able to capture its own receipt for the transaction along with a list of purchased items. If necessary, it can snap a screenshot or two as the purchase poof. It has been a very helpful tool for Internet users.

Solid Security Protection

Is Dashlane secure? Can it protect your passwords and personal data against hackers? Dashlane offers to protect your precious data against hackers and snoopers. It utilizes AES 256-bit encryption, and combines it with more than 10,000 iterations of PBKDF2 to offer unbreakable protection. Leading banks and government agencies use the same encryption standard to safeguard their date. To access your account, you need to enter your master password which is not stored by Dashlane. You are the only person who has the master password. If you forget the master password, you lose access to your account. For extra security, you are suggested to enable two-factor authentication. Every time you need to log in your account, you need to provide the second factor after you enter master password. Dashlane supports Google Authenticator and work-alikes. You can get the second factor from authenticator app by snapping QR code. Besides, it lets you use your fingerprint to authenticate and supports facial authentication on certain devices as well. It is convenient to authenticate for you yet difficult for others to crack your account. In addition, Dashlane uses Dark Web data licensed from SpyCloud to quickly detect unauthorized access to your credentials. Once it detects suspicious activities, it sends you alert and helps you replace the compromised password with a strong one. You are suggested to add your frequently used passwords to the data vault so that the password manager can check for data breach based on data it obtained on Dark Web.


By finish reading the Dashlane review you must understand Dashlane is an advanced and efficient tool to manage passwords and protect them from hacks, leaks, and unauthorized access. It lets you imports your existing passwords and store them in categories. Every time you need to create new account, it offers to create strong and unique passwords. The password changer lets you update a large number of passwords instantly with one click. You can store personal information with attachment in secure note, and the information can be used for auto form-filling. With one click, you can log in a website or finish long web form quickly. The password manager uses bank-grade encryption to safeguard your data vault and supports the second authentication for extra protection. Your precious information stays safe with this password manager. Dashlane works on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. It supports for Linux and Chrome OS on browser extensions. Besides, it is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. You can store, sync and access your passwords across different devices and systems. That is perfect for users who need to work on different device in different locations. Dashlane has simple and straightforward user interface, so it is very easy work with the password manager. It does not require special skill to use the product. Beginners just sign up a package, download app on device and create a master password to use the service. From the client, there are advanced settings for experienced users to make it work in a proper way they like. Though the service is easy to use, the company still offers helpful customer support to answer users’ questions and fix issues. Dashlane provides English-language live chat between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. Their email support is always available. You can find answers to common issues in the help center. Besides, the provider offers clear guides from starting with the application to importing and exporting your data, making it easier to work with the password manager. Dashlane is a great password manager that is worth to invest to store and fill passwords and personal information.

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