Can’t Remember Passwords? Use This Tool!

Can’t remember your passwords? You are not alone. A recent report shows that most users have problems in remembering their passwords. Lots of users have to reset passwords or just use “password” as their password for easier remembering. Why does that happen? It is because people have more and more passwords to keep in mind. No matter which website or app you use, you will be prompted to register an account. To access more resources, you need to create more discounts on different platforms. You may remember your Facebook password because you use it every day. However, it’s hard to remember your Amazon account if you only shop online once a month. You won’t buy flight or train ticket every day, so you may forget passwords of this kind of accounts. Besides, there are full of uncertain factors on the Internet. Your account security can be a headache. Simple passwords are easy to remember. To remember fewer passwords, people choose to reuse passwords on multiple platforms. However, simple passwords are easy to crack and duplicate passwords put all your accounts at risk. For the sake of security, you should use a strong and complicated password, and don’t reuse passwords. The problem is how can you remember all of the passwords? You need a tool to resolve the problems. Let’s learn how in this article.

Use a Password Manager to Simplify Digital Life

Be so frustrated for failing to access your account as you forget the password? Need a long time to create a secure password? Have to write down passwords on paper to keep track of them? Do you rely on your browser extension to store passwords while can’t access any of your account on a new device? If you have any one of the issues, you need a password manager to make everyday life easier. Simply install it on your devices, and it will fix all those issues.

What is Password Manager? Password manager is an app that offers to manage all of your passwords and lets you access them anytime. It stores your passwords in a secure vault and secures it with a master password, and you are the only person who has this password. Every time you need your passwords, use the master password to unblock your account. Set your master password as strong as possible, and it will be the only password you need to keep in mind.

Is it safe to store your passwords on an app? Password manager is not a normal app. It uses high standard of encryption to secure your passwords and prevents others from accessing them. Some password managers store your passwords locally. Some store data on their servers. Some allow you to opt out of offsite storage and store passwords locally or with a cloud storage service. It encrypts your passwords all the time. They are encrypted when they are stored on your local drive, transmitted to the cloud, stored on the servers as well as shared with your partners.

Most leading password managers use AES 256-bit military-grade encryption to secure your data. When using reliable password manager, your passwords and information will be backed up by two-factor authentication (2FA) and zero-knowledge of your master password. Only you can unblock your data vault. If you store passwords on browsers or write them on paper, others can hack your device or break in your house to steal them. Besides, some password managers send your encrypted file through thousands of rounds of hashing. That will slow the number of guesses a computer can drum up. It could take years to crack.

What Else You can do with a Password Manager?

The password manager not only stores your passwords, but also assists you to conduct various kinds of activities. Firstly, it enables you to log in your favorite websites automatically. With the stored logins, it lets you log in quickly without entering passwords or confirm the information. After you install the password manager browser extension, it will be connected to your password database. It is able to fetch the login information for whatever URL you’re on. Secondly, it works like a digital wallet. It allows you to store personal information like contacts, addresses, software licenses, ID numbers, digital financial accounts and credit card information etc. When you need to check out, it helps you fill address, email, phone number, poste code and credit card number. You can make payment with one click. When you fill a web form, the password manager helps you fill certain blanks. You will be able to fill up a long form quickly and finish your job effectively.
Thirdly, the password manager helps you sync your password database to the cloud and makes them available on multiple devices using end-to-end encryption. When you sync or share passwords, your data is encrypted before it leaves your device, and it stays encrypted as it’s transferred to the remote server. Whenever you use a network-connected device, you can access your passwords and information by logging in your password manager account. Fourthly, you can create strong passwords easily. All password managers come with password generator which helps you create a reliable and never-before-used-by-you password in a random combination of numbers, symbols, and mixed-case letters. You are allowed to customize the length and complexity of a generated password using your own password rules. There is no need to strain your brain to think of a strong password any more. There are more features of a leading password manager waiting for you to find out.

Best Password Managers

Don’t know which password manager you should choose? There are lots of products on the market. If you choose the wrong product, it may not meet your needs. We recommend Dashlane and LastPass because of their solid features and reasonable prices.

Dashlane is a secure and innovative password manager. It helps users manage passwords and personal information, and achieve one-click payment. It provides users a quick way to create a master password and import other account information, making it easy to shop later. It creates hard-to-crack passwords for all your accounts, and you don’t need to remember any of them at all. There is a password changer which offers to update your old passwords automatically. It uses the most advanced encryption standard to protect your data. There is a free version that allows you to try their service free. The paid packages are affordable as well.

LastPass is a popular password manager which generates and remembers strong, unique passwords for every account. If needed, it helps you create username as well. It uses a 256-bit AES encryption algorithm to encrypt your stored data. For data transmission, it uses SSL-encrypted connections for data security. Besides, it supports automatic login & form filling and cloud synchronization to help you save time and access your Passwords from anywhere securely. This password manager also supports cross-platform and a variety of browsers. Give it a try, and you will know if it is the service you like.

Get a password manager to remember all complicated passwords for you.

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