Best Password Managers for Android 2019

In those days, users need passwords everywhere on the Internet. To protect your valuable data and privacy on the Internet, it requires strong passwords to secure your accounts. Please note simple passwords can be hacked easily and reused passwords put all of your accounts at risk. It’s not an easy job to manage dozens of passwords. You need assistance from a password manger. Password managers become more and more popular as people have a bunch of passwords to keep track of. A password manager keeps all of your passwords in one spot and uses military-grade encryption to secure the data vault. You will be able to access any of your passwords anytime you need them. Do you have problem in choosing the right product? You come to the right website. Our team has spent a significant amount of time to test the most popular password managers and carefully record the test results to sort out the best password managers for our readers. Hope they can help you make the right decision. We will talk about the best password managers for Android in this article.

Why Password Manager

People can conduct more and more activities on the Internet. It is possible to shop online and find lots of things that are available at the local store. You can read books, watch videos, call your friends, sell products and do your job by using the Internet. To access the Internet resources, you need to create a shopping account, e-book account, streaming account, social media account and more. Your online accounts need strong passwords to prevent others from accessing your privacy and abusing your IDs for evil purposes.

As complicated passwords are hard to keep in mind, lots of users generate simple ones like “password,” “qwerty”, and “abc123.” They also use their birth date, name, marriage anniversary, pet’s name and other hacker-friendly characters. By collecting your personal information, hackers can crack your passwords easily. Some of you may create one strong password for all websites. In fact, using the same password on multiple websites leaves you vulnerable to hacking. If others discover your password at just one website via any sort of breach, they can use that same password to crack into your accounts on all possible platforms. No matter it is a large-scale or targeted attack, your accounts can be easily compromised. Password breaches happen every day. Users lost money and sensitive information due to password breaches. Therefore, it is necessary to create more complex and less vulnerable passwords.

Currently, the most effective and secure way to manage your passwords is using a reliable password manager. A password manager is a piece of useful software which helps you create strong passwords, store passwords in one secure place and auto log in your favorite websites. You only need to create your password manager account with a powerful master password and import all of your passwords. The passwords it creates are random and strong. It allows you to access your passwords anytime, so you won’t need to keep all of your passwords in minds. There are lots of passwords managers on the market. When selecting the best password manager, you need to balance price, security, features, design, and UI etc. So, what’s best password manager for Android? We will discuss how to pick the best password managers below.

Which Factors You need to Consider?

Don’t know which password manager you should choose? It is right to be cautious when selecting a password manager. After all, you are looking for a product to store your precious passwords that are the key to your important accounts. You need to ensure that it is useful and you can trust it. There are several factors you should consider.

Effective Password Management

Most users need password managers to simplify their digital life, so an effective password management solution is necessary. The password manager software should be simple to use, so beginners can get started easily. Commonly, it allows you to import your existing passwords after you create your account. You can import your saved login credentials from all major browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera, and Safari, as well as other password managers. That saves you from adding all of your usernames and passwords manually. In addition to passwords, many password managers let you store personal information like shipping address, software license, IDs and credit card number etc. Some allow multiple identities to help you log in websites and fill forms.

Some passwords managers automatically catch and add your login information when you first log in a new account. They replay it when you revisit the website. Your passwords will be well organized in the data vault. Even though you have a bunch of passwords, it is not difficult to find the passwords you need at all. Type in key words in the search box and related password pops up instantly. The software marks and scores your passwords in the list, telling you which one is strong, weak or reused. Some products offer to update or strengthen your weak passwords with one click. They keep track of your passwords and pay attention to information on dark websites to help you prevent data breaches effectively. With an effective password management solution, you don’t need spend your precious time on creating, and remembering strong passwords. You won’t forget a single password.

Reliable Password Generator

Do you have to strain your brain to think of a complicated password and ensure you won’t forget it? A reliable password generator saves you from the hassles. When you log a page to create a new account, it pops up to help you create the password based on your requirement. Other time you need a strong password, simply navigate to the password generator tool and let it create one for you. Some password managers allow you create multiple passwords at a time. By default, it creates passwords with a combination of all characters including upper & lower letters, digits and symbols etc. It puts different characters in random orders, making it impossible for human and robot to guess. If your existing passwords are weak or reused, the password manager helps you update them easily. Pick the best password manager for Android to ensure all of your passwords are strong and uncrackable.

Smart Form Filler

If you shop or deal with work on your Android frequently, a password manager with smart form filler will help you save lots of time. As we know, many password managers allow you to create secure note and store personal information. You can add software licenses, driver license, social security number, home & company addresses, order reference number, important contacts, credit card number and more to the data vault. Advanced password managers uses unbreakable encryption to safeguard your data. When you any of the information for offline activity, you don’t have to search for your wallet, simply log in your password manager account to access them. Besides, it comes with a helpful auto-fill feature which streamlines your shopping. When you are ready to check out, it helps you fill most of the information with your permission. When you load a page with a web form, it assists you to finish the forms with few clicks. That not only helps you save time, but also avoid typing mistakes. The password manager can recognize legit websites and does not match your profile on malicious platforms. Your login information and personal data are safe with reliable password manager for Android.

Password & Data Sync

It would be great if the password manager you choose allows you to sync passwords across different platforms. Most users have multiple devices. They need one Android phone for personal use and other one for work to contact customers and other people. When the password manager enables you to sync data across different devices, you only need one account to manage passwords on all of your devices. When you add a new account or edit a secure note on device, the data vault will be updated on other devices. If you left one device at home, you still can access your data vault on anther device next to you.

Useful Tech Support

No matter what product you purchase, you may run into problem when using it. In that case, the tech support is important. You should ensure that you can reach their support easily. Many password manager providers offer tech support via phone call, live chat and ticket system. You can find their phone number on the official website and call for support directly. If you don’t like to talk, you can start a live chat and communicate with the support agent or send an email with your issue to the company. Some companies offer 24/7 support while some supports are only available during working hours. Commonly, you get respond within 24 or 48 hours. To ensure the password manager works on your Android device without any problem, the tech support will help a lot.

Is It Safe to Use Password Manager

How do you know if you can trust a password manager? You need to learn what security standard it uses and how it protects your accounts and data. Commonly, advanced password managers use AES 128-bit or 256-bit encryption to encrypt your data. AES 256-bit encryption is used by banks and government agencies. This level of encryption has not been cracked yet. No matter your data are stored in data vault, sent to the cloud server or stored at the provider’s data center, they are always encrypted. Some password managers store your data on your local device, so your data never leave your device. Some keep your data on their cloud servers in an encrypted form. They protect and monitor their data centers in real time to prevent any chance of data breaches. Some let you store data on an external device like USB. Some offer multiple options to let you choose. Some providers even let you use private encryption key. They do not have your encryption or master password. You have complete control over your account.

Besides, most password managers support multifactor authentication. Every time you need to log in the account, you need to provide another authentication code after entering your master password. The authentication code can be generated by your registered phone number, Google authenticator and other programs. Others can’t invade your account and gain access to your information without the correct code which only exists on your device even though they had your master password via data breach way. Pick the reliable password manager, and your data is safe.

Best Password Managers for Android

Based on real tests, we sorted out the best password managers for Android. By comparing features, prices, performance, ease-of-use and more factors, we rank the password managers with brief information to show why we recommend them. Hope it will help you.

#1 Dashlane

Dashlane is a very popular password manager among Android users. It includes a number of impressive features and high encryption. There is a free version which lets you have a taste of the service before you sign up a plan. The free version allows you to store 50 passwords and install the software on one single device. The premium versions allow unlimited password storage, and they come at affordable price. There are two packages to choose. It starts at $4.99 USD per month. Automatic password generation, fingerprint login, a security dashboard, security breach alerts and other useful features are included. You get secure storage for sensitive files like credit cards, bank accounts, IDs and other personal information, and can use them for instant form and payment autofill. It allows you to sync data to unlimited devices, add dark web monitoring and use the perfunctory VPN. Besides, real-time credit monitoring, identity restoration support and identity Theft Insurance are hardcore. It is an excellent option for Android users.

#2 LastPass

LastPass is a solid password manager that has been trusted by worldwide users. It has implemented AES-256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256 to safeguard your data vault. Two-factor authentication is supported for additional security. This password manager includes popular and useful features like fingerprint scanner support, a password generator and a password auditor. It creates unique and complicated passwords for you. LastPass goes through your entire password database, telling you how many accounts have duplicate passwords and which have weak password protection. It helps you strengthen passwords, keeping you away from data breaches. This password manager supports auto-filling passwords into apps, sites, and even forms. That is a big time saver. You are allowed to store photos and audio notes, grant emergency access to a friend or family member and finish checkout safely and quickly. It also supports auto password update, removing any value to hackers that old passwords may have. LastPass starts at $3.00 USD/month. It is powerful yet affordable.

#3 Sticky Password

Sticky Password is a mainstream service on password manager market. It comes with a decent number of features, simplifying users’ digital life effectively. This password manager creates password in a length from 4 to 99 characters with a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, digits, and punctuation. By using one-click button, you can update all of your weak and reused passwords. It gives you options to keep only local copies of your password or store them in the cloud. This password manager also works as a digital wallet and has a robust form-filling capability. Sticky Password supports Two-Factor Authentication and allows you to scan the QR code on the screen or manually enter the alpha-numeric code. It also provides biometric support for Touch ID on iOS and Android fingerprint scanning. Sticky Password is straightforward to use. You don’t need to go through complicated configuration and settings. It works greatly on Android device. Besides, you can use it on Windows, Mac and iOS. It works many famous browsers including Chrome, Chromium, Firefox, Thunderbird, IE, Comodo Dragon, Opera, Firefox and Safari etc. Sticky Password offers lifetime account. The yearly plan is very cheap as well. It is $1.25 USD per month. Want affordable password management solution for your Android? Sticky Password is the service you need.

All in All (Best Password Manager for Android)

Password manager becomes a very important tool for Internet users. With so many works to handle and various kinds of personal stuff to deal with, you won’t feel like to spend time and put effort in creating and remembering dozens of complex passwords. Pick the best password manager for your Android. The password managers we listed generate and store reliable passwords and fill them in across all your devices. They all work with Android’s Autofill API and use 256-bit encryption for security. Pick a password manager to make your digital life easier and securer.

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