Best Password Managers for Mac 2019

People lost data and money due to data breaches every day. You know what? Most data breaches have been caused by weak and reused passwords. Using strong passwords to secure your accounts is very necessary. However, people got another problem. How to create and remember unique and complicated passwords for all accounts? It requires account and password on every platform. Internet users have a bunch of passwords to manage. It is common that users take a long time to create a complicated password and have to reset passwords frequently as they fail to keep all the passwords in mind. Is there anything that helps you do the job and fix the problems? Yes. Password managers remember each password for you, strengthen your security and minimize the risk of involving in a massive data breach. A reliable password manager makes it easier to use the Internet and increase your security as well. Which password manager should you choose? What are the best password managers for Mac? Let’s figure it out in this article.

Do You Need Password managers for Mac?

We all know it is important to use strong and unique password, but many users still use simple passwords because it is really a tough job to manage so many passwords. They just use “password”, “abc1234”, or “qwerty.” Some people may use their phone number, birth date, pet’s name or other information related to their profile. However, criminals can collect this kind of information easily on the Internet and use machine to crack millions of accounts every day. Also, it is not a wise choice to reuse a password on multiple platforms. If one account is cracked, the rest will be compromised. How to ensure your passwords are safe and you won’t forget any one of them? Install a password manager on your device. You don’t have to take on the burden of creating and remembering a long list of complicated passwords. So, what’s the best password manager to your passwords and other information you want to keep secure on your Mac?

You may just use Password Manager built right into Safari. It helps you create strong passwords while it does not stop you from using the same passwords for multiple platforms. You may use the same passwords over and over again. There is no auto-filling which helps you fill web forms automatically. Besides, you only can store passwords on Safari on your Mac. A Mac system may be your main machine while you may use an Android phone or device with other system. When you are using your Android phone or Firefox on your Mac, you can’t access your stored passwords or create new strong passwords. You need to add passwords manually on your browser on every device. That also put your passwords at risk because they are not encrypted on your browser. Snoopers or hackers who gain access to your system can view and steal your login detail. When you use other leading password manager apps, it generates unique passwords, updates your old and reused passwords, stores them in an encrypted data vault, supports app & web auto-login, fills web forms with one click and syncs passwords across multiple devices and browsers. Give password manager app a shot, and you will know it is worth to invest.

What to Consider to Select the Best Password Manager?

There are a huge number of password managers on the market. Do all password managers work the same? Should I just pick one to use? How to know if it is the right app for Mac? In fact, password managers do not work the same. They share some functions and own different features as well. It is important to pick the right password manager to avoid investing the wrong products. If you use Android, you need the best password manager for Android. If you mainly use Mac every day, you need the best password manager for Mac. What factors you should consider to select the best password manager for your Mac?

Firstly, the manager password providers should be reliable and offer solid protection to your data vault. When you first use a password manager, it requires you to create a strong master password. Most providers do not have access to the master password. If you forget the master password, there is no way to restore it from the provider. You have to start over. The providers do not have access to your data vault when you use their products. Likewise, leading password managers use AES 256-bit encryption to encrypt your data no matter when they are stored in vault or sent to the servers. They utilize advanced firewall and security technologies to safeguard their servers and data centers. In additional, they support multi-factors authentication to prevent criminals from stealing your master password to access your password manager account. We do not suggest you use free password manager because most free products are lack of security. You may put your data at risk by using unreliable password managers. Use the reliable and secure password manager for you Mac.

Secondly, the password managers are supposed to allow unlimited password storage. You won’t feel like to purchase multiple plans to store all of your passwords. Luckily, many password managers allow unlimited storage and let you sync across different devices. After you first log in your password manager, it lets you import passwords from browsers, spreadsheet and other password manager you used. When it imports passwords from browser, it brings titles, URLs, usernames and passwords. Many password managers automatically save login details when you create new account or first use the account on covered devices. No matter how many passwords you have, you can store all of them in the data vault. Some password managers store your password on your local hard drive, and your data never leaves your device. Some password managers upload your data to their secure servers. Some lets you store passwords on a USB drive. Others provide multiple options for you to choose.

Thirdly, the password managers should have useful password generator which creates unique and strong passwords for you. You might use Safari built-in password manager to create password which can be strong but may not be unique. Password managers on the market help you create a completely random and secure password. The password will include all types of characters in random order, making it impossible for hacker to crack by trying for months or years. When it creates passwords, you are allowed to decide the length, types of characters and more to customize it. It will be long and random. Don’t worry that you can’t remember the random passwords. Every time you need them, log in your account and they are always available for you. Your passwords are well-organized in the vault, and you can search for wanted passwords instantly with key words. There will be a security center or audit service which helps you analyse the passwords you import. It marks your strong, good, weak and reused passwords, offering to replace them with solid ones.

Fourthly, the password manager should provide security note for your personal information and come with smart form filler. Many password managers work as digital wallet as well. You are able to add address, social security number, driver license, software licenses, IDs, postal codes, contacts, online order reference numbers, and credit card information etc. to the data vault. By creating related security note, you can manage and access your frequently used information easily. Every time you need personal information, just log in your account to view it. There is no need to carry your wallet and various kinds of licenses everywhere. Besides, the password managers can use those logins and information to let you auto log in and finish web forms with few clicks. You can save time in entering logins every time you open your favorite websites. They pop up to help you fill your personal information when you are about to make a payment or fill a web form. You won’t need to type your profile over again and again. Leading password managers are able to recognize legit websites and won’t match your profile on any suspicious website.

Last but not least, the password manager should be compatible with all major systems and browsers. Though you are looking for the best password manager for Mac, you may need access to your data vault on other device at your office when you accidentally leave your Mac at home. Lots of password managers work on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS as well as many famous browsers. Many of them allow you to sync passwords and other information across multiple devices and browsers. Besides, some providers offer backup and cloud services for your data. They back up your data, and restore them immediately when something goes wrong. They even support auto syncing via icloud, Dropbox, and OneDrive etc. across all of your devices. You will always be able to access your account with your master password and other security code on any internet-connected device next to you.

Best Password Managers for Mac

It has been a headache to manage a full list of passwords. Simple and reused passwords can cause data breach. A password manager can increase your security as well as simplify your digital life. When you decide to purchase a password manager, you should ensure it is worth to invest. You should use the best password managers for Mac. Based on real-time test results, we recommend LastPass, Dashlane, LogMeOnce and Sticky Password. Let’s learn why we suggest them.

# 1 LastPass

LastPass is a solid password manager for Mac. It is owned by the same company who owns LogMeln, so you can ensure it is a reliable provider. It uses military-grade encryption and supports multiple factor authentications. It supports hardware authentication via YubiKey for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. It helps you create unbreakable passwords and keeps them safe in one place. LastPass is able to automatically enter login information in web sites and personal information in forms, and it refuses to autocomplete forms on known phishing websites. The auto-fill features work all the time even when you are not using the browser. It allows you to share anything in your vault, including passwords, WiFi logins and more with as many users as you want. Premium users can enjoy extra features like 1GB of secure file storage, advanced multi-factor authentication options and priority tech support. LastPass allows multi-device sync and support for unlimited entries, working all major systems and browsers.

# 2 Dashlane

Dashlane also is a great option for Mac. This password manager has US Patent for its security architecture and uses the strongest encryption available to safeguard your data vault. It supports two-factor authentication, secure backup, a dashboard, and instant security breach alerts for extra layers of protection. It can generate unique passwords to protect your accounts & identity, change dozens of passwords with one click and keep track of all your passwords on all devices. You can store credit card information, bank account details, shipping address, IDs and several other personal details, so the password manager will be able to auto fill forms and auto login to your favorite websites. It has an excellent UI that displays your passwords in good order with large icons. Dashlane’s Premium plans come with a built-in VPN which can protect your privacy and secure your connection to the Internet. Its price is fair. There is a free version which allows you to test the service before you purchase a package.

# 3 LogMeOnce

LogMeOnce is a reliable service. This product provides last-mile and end-to-end security with AES-256 encryption technology. It uses patent pending technology to create secure environment for credentials initial setup, exchange and use. It uses a key to encrypt, hash, and mask your user IDs and passwords to avoid malware, key loggers and other threats that try to steal your precious information. The Mugshot feature helps you scare thieves away. LogMeOnce has the secure Amazon cloud, and your data are deposited and locked into your Cloud Safety Deposit Box with a unique user-selected key. Multi-factor authentication is supported to let you build multiple layers of security. When you are about to create new account, LogmeOnce Password Calculator automatically creates and suggests strong password. It offers secure storage to let you store your personal information and help you fill web forms quickly. You can update, share and sync passwords securely with LogMeOnce on your Mac.

# 4 Sticky Password

Sticky Password is popular for its award-winning password manager and form-filler. It allows unlimited storage for your passwords and personal information, and automatically fills out forms and logs you in. Your passwords and information are secure with Sticky Password. It uses top-level AES-256 encryption, multi-factor authentication options and verification via biometrics to secure your data vault. Sticky Password creates unique & strong passwords, strengthens your existing passwords, works on all your devices and supports 16 browsers and comes with intuitive interface and inexpensive price. Sticky Password is one of the few password manager which supports local WiFi sync for extra security. Your data is always encrypted and never leaves your machine. It allows you to sync data across macOS, Windows, Android and iOS devices. This password manager also supports USB export, allowing you to load your entire vault onto a flash drive. Besides, it offers a lifetime license with no renewals.

Conclusion (Best Password Managers for Mac)

Can’t remember all of your passwords? Have problem in creating strong passwords? A reliable password manager is necessary for your Mac. With a password manager, you don’t need to remember a unique, long, complex password for every online account. It creates reliable passwords and stores them in one place, so you can access them anytime. At the same time, password manager allows you to store addresses, contacts, credit card numbers and other frequently used information. Your information will be stored in encrypted forms and secured by advanced security technology. Password managers can quickly fills out online forms for you, create secure environment for you to make payment and share login information. They offer simple ways to organize your vault and the responsiveness of auto-fill. Get the best password manager for your Mac.

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