Is LastPass Good for Business Use?

LastPass is one of the biggest names in password management. It does the work of storing, creating, remembering and filling in passwords, helping consumers increase productivity and decrease the likelihood of password-related breaches. LastPass not only provides password solutions to protect personal user, but it also launches a new suite of LastPass Business solutions delivering a comprehensive identity offering for small and medium-sized businesses. If you are considering a password manager for your business to secure every password-protected entry point, then Lastpass is the good way to go.

What does Lastpass offer for business solutions?

LastPass business solutions help both teams and businesses to better take control of their identity management. Lastpass provides simple and all-in-one control for passwords, access, and authentication. It offers admin portal with 100+ security policies and dashboards for reporting and analytics. You can enforce policies and get actionable insights into employee password behavior from the admin dashboard. With that feature, your businesses can be more secure, maintain compliance, and increase productivity. You also can experience integrated single sign-on, secure password generation, secure password sharing with LastPass. LastPass can be accessed as standalone desktop software, or as a browser extension. Even iOS and Android have LastPass available as an app, with Android offering integration throughout most apps on your mobile device. That is to say, you will get access password and single sign-on vaults with browser extensions, mobile apps and active directory integration. LastPass Business supports a wide range of multifactor providers including Duo Security, Google Authenticator, LastPass Sesame, RSA SecurID, Toopher, YubiKey, and more, so it boosts IT security and makes it far more difficult for hackers to exploit the login process and wreak havoc by stealing corporate, customer or partner data.

The new LastPass Business lineup brings the control IT needs and the convenience users expect with four offerings:

  • LastPass Team ($4/user/month): LastPass Team is recommended for teams of up to 50 users. It contains unlimited sharing, smart password storage, easy-to-use admin console, high-level policies and simple reporting which lets you know who has access to which sites and shared folders with Activity and Shared Folder reports.
  • LastPass Enterprise ($6/user/month): LastPass Enterprise provides secure password storage and centralized admin oversight to reduce the risk of data breaches while removing employee password obstacles. It is a simple solution to secure every access point. LastPass Enterprise now includes single-sign-on (SSO) technology with a robust catalog of 1200+ pre-integrated apps, in addition to its existing market leading password management capabilities.
  • LastPass MFA ($3/user/month): Going beyond standard two-factor authentication, LastPass MFA offers an intuitive multifactor experience that’s easy for admins to deploy and effortless for employees to adopt. LastPass MFA is a smarter way to better protect your business while simplifying the employee login experience. It offers adaptive authentication, biometric authentication factors, contextual authentication policies and more.
  • LastPass Identity: ($8/user/month): LastPass Identity puts LastPass Enterprise and LastPass MFA in one solution and it provides a holistic view of end user activity from a single dashboard that covers passwords, authentication, and all apps in use. From single sign-on and password management to adaptive authentication, LastPass Identity gives granular control to IT and frictionless access to users.

When 81% of data breaches are caused by poor credential management, addressing password security in your organization needs to be a top priority. LastPass provides the best password solutions for company. Whether you are small, medium or large scale business, it improves the overall security of your organization by pairing with multifactor authentication. With LastPass, you will see a boost in productivity because employee password frustrations go down and IT can focus on more value-add activities. Lastpass is a great tool for any business professional who has to handle multiple accounts or has accounts that time out very quickly. Start a FREE 14-day trial of LastPass Enterprise!

The 3 Best Alternatives to LastPass

Why People Switch from LastPass to Other Password Managers?

These days, more and more people are aware of the benefits of using a Password Manager. Speaking of password manager, you must have heard of LastPass. LastPass has won the trust of millions of users worldwide and it is the most password vault solution that encrypts and synchronizes your login data for all your various services between all your devices. However, tracing back to 2015, LastPass experienced a single security incident. Intruders had broken into Lastpass’s databases and LastPass account email addresses, password reminders, server per user salts, and authentication hashes were compromised. And lately, a vulnerability researcher from Google Project Zero discovered a bug in the LastPass password manager that LastPass could leak the last used credentials due to a cache not being updated. Although LastPass was prompted to patch the bug, many LastPass users are already looking for LastPass alternatives. Here are the 3 best alternatives you can consider.

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What is the Safest Way to Share Passwords over the Internet?

Do you need to share passwords frequently? How do you share password securely to avoid information leak? Many users choose to share passwords over text and email. Is it safe to share your passwords in plain form over the Internet? No. If your email or online sessions have been hacked, hackers can view and steal your passwords. The cyber criminals also create free phishing WiFi hotspot network to trick users into connecting it. When users send out and share their passwords with others, they can collect the login information to access their account for stealing information and money. Many users suffered data breach and lost their money due to insecure password sharing. Therefore, you need to ensure your passwords are protected especially when you are sharing bank card passwords, team account passwords and other important passwords with your family, friends or partners.

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What Do You Think About Kaspersky Password Manager?

Kaspersky Password Manager, as its name implies, is the latest Password management software launched by Kaspersky, which can store and manage user accounts and passwords securely. Kaspersky Password Manager is a well-known anti-virus software in the world, and its Password management software is also more secure. If you are worried that your Password management software will reveal your information, then try Kaspersky Password Manager.

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Why Your Business Needs a Password Manager like 1Password?

1Password is a big name in password management because it provides a convenient and secure way to help people remember all their passwords, as well as keep their credentials secure and prevent their sensitive information from being leaked. Have you been considering a password manager like 1Password for your business? Why your business needs a password manager? Today we are going to talk about why your business should require all employees to use a password manager and how 1Password helps entrepreneurs take control of their security and defend their livelihoods against costly breaches.

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10 Best Free Password Managers

Do We Really Need A Password Manager?

Managing so many accounts online with different passwords is difficult, and everyone encrypting passwords is an important issue. If your password is weak, this is a minor problem for hackers, who can easily hack your account using powerful techniques. A strong password should contain at least six characters, including a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols and Numbers. It is recommended that each account have a unique password. It is a bad idea to reuse passwords. Remembering all your passwords isn’t easy, and there are free password manager applications to help you remember them.

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How to Use Google Password Checkup to Secure Your Passwords?

As you may have heard, Google launched a new feature called Google Password Checkup that will check the strength and security of all of your saved password and tell if they’ve been leaked and compromised in breaches at other services. The service also gives you personalized, actionable recommendations when needed. Previously, if a user need to use this feature, he or she had to install an extension, but now the company has decided to integrate this feature directly into its password manager. That means, the Google Password Checkup tool will come built into the Chrome browser soon. With Google Password Checkup, you can easily know whether your passwords have been compromised on other sites or services because it has the ability to warn against phrases that have been reused and prompt for weaker passwords to be strengthened. The service is currently available for the Google web dashboard and Android devices, but as mentioned above, it will also be added to the Chrome browser later this year. Since Google Password Checkup is built with privacy in mind. It never reports any identifying information about your accounts, passwords, or device. Now, let’s see how to use Google Password Checkup to stay secure online.

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What is NordPass?

Have you heard of NordPass? May be you have heard about NordVPN but don’t know what is NordPass. Which company developed and produced that software? What does it do? And how to use the software and do you think is NordPass safe to use? Learn more details about NordPass from the following content in this article.

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Five Bad Password Habits You Need to Break Now

When it comes to password security, most people actually know what good passwords and practices look like, like creating a strong and unique password and never use the same password on multiple sites and services. But, in fact, only a few people practice good password hygiene. Recent statistics show that accounts get compromised severely due to bad password habits. People’s password habits are worrying. They use personal information such as their favorite football team, their pet’s name or birthdays when creating passwords and never change them unless the website says they have to do so. Stop doing that now. Getting into a bad pattern can cost you and your business serious time and money.

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How to Access All Your Passwords from anywhere?

Is it possible to store all your passwords in one secure place where you can access from anywhere? How to achieve this goal? Is there any tool you can use? Let’s learn how to access your stored passwords securely from anywhere.

At this Internet age, users have dozens of accounts and passwords to manage because almost every web application requires a password and adopts the universal login services. Most users have difficulties in remembering passwords, so they choose to write down passwords or record them on a document on PC. Some of you may store passwords on browser. You can view and use stored passwords on browser easily. However, some browsers do not offer security feature. Anyone access your browser can view your passwords as well.

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