CKP – KeePass Integration for Chrome

KeePass, as you know, is open source software that is completely free. It supports multiple systems and can be installed on Windows/MacOS/Linux. KeePass can store encrypted password files on a local hard drive or USB drive, or in the cloud through extensions. KeePass itself can also be installed on a usb drive. KeePass support for browsers is implemented by different developers with varying quality of functionality and user experience. Today, I’m going to teach you how to use the KeePass Chrome extension.

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How to Keep Track of Your Passwords effectively?

At this digital age, Internet plays a very important role in people’s life. People can conduct many activities online and access lots of resources on the Internet. Therefore, they have to create a bunch of accounts on the websites and platforms they use. With more and more websites they use, they have more passwords to remember. Actually, recording password has been a common issue. Many users can’t remember the password they created. Some users even forget they create an account on one platform and register again. Is there a way to keep track of passwords effectively?

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Google’s Password Checkup Extension May Soon Be Built Into Chrome

Are Your Passwords Secure? Let Google’s Password Checkup Tell You

According to a report, Google is planning to integrate Google’s Password Checkup extension directly into Chrome browser. While the design documents are currently private, there are enough code changes available to piece together how it should work.

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Why is Password Manager the Best Way to Store Passwords?

In those days, the Internet plays a very important role in people’s life. When people use the Internet, they need to create accounts and passwords to different types of websites and platforms. Behind those accounts, there is a bunch of your personal information. If your accounts are cracked, your personal information and important financial information can be exposed to the Internet. Lots of data breaches have been caused by weak and reused passwords. The login passwords of various network services and software are very important to all users. For different types of websites, users should use different user names and different passwords. If the number of websites people use is very large, there may be dozens or even hundreds of passwords to memorize.

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Powerful Password Management Tool: 1Password Chrome Plugin

1Password Overview

1Password is a cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad) password management app from Canadian developer agilebits. Even a large part of information management applications, well-known in the industry for a long time. Because 1Password uses advanced encryption standard 256-bit encryption, not OpenSSL, the Heartbleed did not affect it. The agilebits official blog has some tips for Heartbleed. On April 16th they also launched a tool called 1Password Watchtower, which helps identify websites vulnerable to Heartbleed and advises users to change their passwords promptly. In addition, their official website and blog also have a lot of information about 1Password and password, privacy protection methods and instructions.

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What are The Most Common Ways Passwords are Stolen?

We are living in a digital life. From social media account, email account, shopping account to streaming site account, we need to remember multiple unique passwords for those accounts. Passwords are used for virtually everything we do online. They protect our identities, like email, Facebook, and bank accounts from identity theft and hackers. In other words, passwords are the main defense against computer hackers.

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A Brief Description of LastPass Chrome Plugin

Overview of the password management tool Lastpass plug-in

Lastpass is an excellent online password manager and page filter with powerful encryption algorithms, automatic login/cloud synchronization/cross-platform/browser plugin that supports multiple browsers. LastPass password manager, an award-winning, saves your passwords to every computer and mobile device you visit. Remember only one password for your LastPass master password. Save all your usernames and passwords to LastPass, which will automatically register your site and synchronize your passwords wherever you need them. It supports Win, Mac, Linux desktop + all the major browsers (Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE…) + mobile platform (iOS, Android, WP, Blueberry…). With its automatic cloud synchronization feature, you only need a LastPass account to enjoy the practical functions such as automatic password filling, security notes and password sharing with friends anytime and anywhere. Meanwhile, LastPass is completely free for desktop users. Only if you consider continuing to enjoy its powerful features on the mobile side will you pay $3 USD per month for the premium version. Currently, Chinese users can upgrade the service either through LastPass’s official website or by searching for LastPass premium through this site.

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How To Create Strong and Unique Passwords For Every Account with One Click?

Passwords are typically the first line of defense against unauthorized access. Many users are cracked because of their poor password structure. So, to secure your account, be sure to create strong and unique passwords for every account. Basically, the more complex your passwords are, the less likely you will end up in the hands of a cybercriminal. Strong passwords are essential for keeping hackers and snoopers out of your online accounts. However, creating long, secure passwords can be extremely difficult, not to mention every account should have a unique password that’s hard to guess. And the much more difficult thing is it is nearly impossible to remember them all, with the average person maintaining 90 or more accounts that require passwords. What to do then?

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Can’t Remember Passwords? Use This Tool!

Can’t remember your passwords? You are not alone. A recent report shows that most users have problems in remembering their passwords. Lots of users have to reset passwords or just use “password” as their password for easier remembering. Why does that happen? It is because people have more and more passwords to keep in mind. No matter which website or app you use, you will be prompted to register an account. To access more resources, you need to create more discounts on different platforms. You may remember your Facebook password because you use it every day. However, it’s hard to remember your Amazon account if you only shop online once a month. You won’t buy flight or train ticket every day, so you may forget passwords of this kind of accounts. Besides, there are full of uncertain factors on the Internet. Your account security can be a headache. Simple passwords are easy to remember. To remember fewer passwords, people choose to reuse passwords on multiple platforms. However, simple passwords are easy to crack and duplicate passwords put all your accounts at risk. For the sake of security, you should use a strong and complicated password, and don’t reuse passwords. The problem is how can you remember all of the passwords? You need a tool to resolve the problems. Let’s learn how in this article.

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These Handy Password Managers, You Deserve!

Remembering a large number of account passwords has become a routine for most people, and forgetting passwords is not uncommon. Using a password manager is a great way to solve these problems.

So how do you choose the right password manager? Safety is of course the first choice. What about safety? Today to introduce a few easy to use password manager, hope to help you oh!

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